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Hiking from Lele to Lamidanda

Theme: Rejuvenating the spirit
Hiking Route: Lele-Nallu-Bhardeu-Lamidana-Lele
Day: June 29, 2008, Sunday
Hike Coordinator: Usha Rani Das
Participants: AnjanaS, SangeetaR, BrijaK, PragyaR, UpasanaR, SabitaK, AlinaS(Rookie), UshaD, Jyotsna, RinaM, SwetaS, Richa(Guest), Sunita(Guest)
Photos: RinaM, BrijaK, UshaD, JyotsnaS
Caption: AnjanaS, Upasana, SangeetaR
Report: AlinaS, SabitaK, PragyaR, AnjanaS
Creative Support: Dijup/Dhilung/Pallavi

Rejuvenating the spirit
Thirteen ladies of D2 were all set to rejuvenate their spirits into one of the most cherished tradition named ‘Hiking’. The vivacious beauties congregated at D2 premises on a misty Sunday morning and left around 6:45 am with every intention to explore the adventures of the new trail. Since this was the first one-of-a-kind ladies hiking, we thought of enhancing the already unique event by coming up with a dress code. Everyone agreed to wear white tops to show uniformity. Cracking jokes, taking snapshots, and sightseeing along the way, we headed towards our destination.

We started our hike from Lele. After walking for some distance, we saw a school named ‘Sri Gupteshwori Nimna Madhyamik Bidhyalaya’ at a place called Nallu. We decided to stop by and spend some time there. We had a short interaction with the teachers and distributed stationery and chocolates to the students. Then we bid them goodbye and continued with our hike.
After a while we stopped for breakfast at a local tea. While waiting for breakfast, we came up with a brilliant idea to play “Dumb Charade” and had loads of fun. AnjanaS was victorious in the game and Brija was the funniest. She had to enact this movie called “Musafir”. By showing her white-colored T-shirt and her gesture of playing badminton, everyone guessed that the actor was none other but “Jeetendra” – some style he’s got!

After a hearty breakfast, we headed for Lamidanda, our ultimate destination. This was probably the toughest part of our hike because of the steep climb; and the simple fact that it was monsoon made it even worse. The route was teeming with blood-thirsty leeches. The frantic cries of the hikers were common after being attacked by the leeches but the parasites couldn’t deter the spirit of the thirteen ladies. Instead, we learnt a lesson from them: “Run for your life”. Whenever we stopped for some rest, the very sight of the leeches stretching their heads out to reach to us made us forget our tiredness and run further up. Brija was left wondering why the leeches stayed at places where people hardly tred. They might as well go and live in the cities.

Learning the lesson of the day, all the hikers ventured up the hill in the cool weather that further revitalized them. We finally reached the army barrack on the top of the hill. The open field and the view were both captivating. We were really amazed at the beauty of the place.
On the way back, we stopped to plant paddy as it was Ashad 15 – the day people sow grain in the country. The local population was warm and hospitable. We joined them to plant and plough, and sang folk and Ashare songs with them. So enthralling was their voice that some of us even started dancing to the tunes. They were also so delighted that they offered us some of their home made pickle. After spending about an hour in the muddy field, we headed back to Kathmandu.

Though we left the place, and the leeches, and the school, and the tea shop that took us back into our childhood, and the marvelous view, and the field planting with the locals, and the sweat behind, we carried with us memories to last for a life time.

After all, the pain and the loss of blood were definitely worth the experience.

Reserving the first Seat
01 Reserving the first Seat
Happy to hike
02 Happy to hike
The eager interns
03 The eager interns
D2 Ambassador
04 D2 Ambassador
Getting ready for the tough path ahead
05 Getting ready for the tough path ahead
Hiking essentials
06 Hiking essentials
The trail begins
07 The trail begins
The march forward
08 The march forward
....and the cows accompany us
09 ….and the cows accompany us
On the way to Lamedanda
10 On the way to Lamedanda
The landscape
11 The landscape
Heaven on earth
12 Heaven on earth
The misty mountain
13 The misty mountain
Lonely path
14 Lonely path
3D photography
15 3D photography
Children of the corn
16 Children of the corn
Spectacular spectators
17 Spectacular spectators
Sisters in hand
18 Sisters in hand
The peaceful mountains
19 The peaceful mountains
House atop hill
20 House atop hill
Entering the local tea shop
21 Entering the local tea shop
I drink tea
22 I drink tea
You drink tea
23 You drink tea
She drinks tea
24 She drinks tea
And we all drink tea
25 And we all drink tea
Those are for us
26 Those are for us
Helping hands
27 Helping hands
Icecream soda sugar on the top....
28 Icecream soda sugar on the top….
It  has 10 words.....dumb charade
29 It has 10 words…..dumb charade
The first syllable is....dumb charade
30 The first syllable is….dumb charade
Being attentive
31 Being attentive
Flies flying to BOSTON
32 Flies flying to BOSTON
Motherly care Part1
33 Motherly care Part1
Motherly care Part2
34 Motherly care Part2
The school we would go to
35 The school we would go to
Talking with the teacher
36 Talking with the teacher
Here you go nanu
37 Here you go nanu
Thank you D2
38 Thank you D2
Innocence thrusting her nose
39 Innocence thrusting her nose
I love the lady foreigners
40 I love the lady foreigners
Those creatures called `D2 Women`
41 Those creatures called `D2 Women`
Free flowing water
42 Free flowing water
Rain drops in the water
43 Rain drops in the water
Crossing the river
44 Crossing the river
This is how we do it
45 This is how we do it
Time to hike again
46 Time to hike again
Yes Jyotsna, that is the spirit
47 Yes Jyotsna, that is the spirit
Interns follow
48 Interns follow
The steep climb
49 The steep climb
Sky touching trees
50 Sky touching trees
One Two Three
51 One Two Three
A guest hiking partner
52 A guest hiking partner
In front of the barrack
53 In front of the barrack
Dai, tyo jutta ma ni juka pascha....
54 Dai, tyo jutta ma ni juka pascha….
In my territory
55 In my territory
Beautiful skinned insect
56 Beautiful skinned insect
The catepillar before
57 The catepillar before
The butterfly after
58 The butterfly after
Bloody leach honored
59 Bloody leach honored
Shooing the leeches
60 Shooing the leeches
End of the descend
61 End of the descend
Can you see the blood
62 Can you see the blood
Checking for leeches in there
63 Checking for leeches in there
Walking under the umbrellas
64 Walking under the umbrellas
And the God spoke to us.....
65 And the God spoke to us…..
We believe we can fly
66 We believe we can fly
We believe we can touch the sky
67 We believe we can touch the sky
Sweet Pragya
68 Sweet Pragya
Women padding
69 Women padding
We go join them
70 We go join them
71 Planting
Together we plant again
72 Together we plant again
Standing above our own reflections
73 Standing above our own reflections
Rina at home with the locals
74 Rina at home with the locals
Dancing to their songs
75 Dancing to their songs
We all have a good time
76 We all have a good time
And so do they
77 And so do they
The muddy feet
78 The muddy feet
Ho mane ho
79 Ho mane ho
Ashare pandra gift
80 Ashare pandra gift
Mark of Asar 15
81 Mark of Asar 15
Let`s get going now
82 Let`s get going now
Worldly wisdom
83 Worldly wisdom
Another mark of Asar
84 Another mark of Asar
Lunch time in Ktm
85 Lunch time in Ktm
Wonders of Tukche
86 Wonders of Tukche
And finally...thanks to Ram dai!
87 And finally…thanks to Ram dai!