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Hiking from Panauti to Godavari via Naya Gaon and Phulchowki

Fulchowki is the highest peak among those surrounding the Kathmandu valley. It lies at the height of three thousand meters. It is like a gateway to the world from communication perspective. Nepal Television, Radio Nepal and Nepal Telecom uplink and downlink their signals from here. The tall tower stands gloriously, towering to the sky. It has a motorable road to Kathmandu via Godavari. And trails lead to the peak from various parts of Kabhre as well to the hikers.

Our plan was to reach the peak from Panauti side. A team of a dozen of us reached Panauti on office vehicle at 9.30. On the way, we happened to observe the IT Park as well. After having heavy breakfast, we started our hike of the day at 10.00 from Malpi. Five among us were the beginners. Nearly after 50 minutes walk by the river bank, we followed steep road to the up. It took nearly an hour to reach Naya Gaon. The road is so steep that it is difficult for those living on the plain or to those who have very less walking habits to cross.

A slippery road, however interesting to see the surrounding beautiful landscapes, begins from Nayagaon. The road is not well developed as the locals never reach up to the hill. Even the people at their old age were amazed to see us coming from Kathmandu just to climb the hill. They said they have never been there in their lifetime. Shops to buy the things are also not available at the roadside. Hence, hikers have to carry all the necessary things from Panauti. However, the villagers showed their generosity to us by giving fresh cucumbers and refusing to take the money in return. Smiling faces of the villagers reduced our tiredness. It takes another two hours walking up through the villages from Naya Gaon.

The real hike begins when the villages are over. Fulchowki peak looks very close from there. A stranger to the place becomes amazed to see jungle all around. A very narrow trail leads towards the peak. However, it goes missing at some places, creating confusion on the hikers where to go. It happened for us as well. The trail was not very clear. We lost the way. We lost the view of the Tower as well. And we had to crawl to the peak, to the sky. Ignoring thorny bushes, fear of wild animals, we crawled up and up. It took hours to reach the very close looking Fulchowki tower. Finally we reached there at 4.00. We felt as if we won the big battle. An army canteen served us with some snacks at the peak.

However, a team of us was still behind. It could not meet us even we waited for an hour at the peak. Then we descended through the motorable road to Godavari, with the belief that they also might have descended without reaching the peak. It took two and half hours to reach Godavari. Then we took the vehicle and went up to help the team left behind. Hence, a very adventurous and memorable hike was over for the week.

Photos : Bhaskar N Bhattarai/ Keshav Basnet.
Report : Indra Dhoj Kshetri
Captions : Vishnu and Binaya

Figure1: Banepa IT Park and Rudra from Boston

Figure2: Interior of the IT Building

Figure3: Residence…[empty]

Figure4: Main Gate at the IT Park

Figure5: Hikers at the Baranda of the IT Park

Figure6: Administrative Office Block

Figure7: The goat is for Dashain 😉

Figure8: Rashmi leads the Hikers

Figure9: The Traditional House in Panauti

Figure10: Saving for winter pop-corn …

Figure11: Clean Rosy

Figure12: Hanging Bridge

Figure13: Waiting for others to arrive

Figure14: Two rookies in lead

Figure15: Taking pace in the trail

Figure16: Rudra enjoy talking with the Bigger Girl

Figure17: Not the easy job… but going on…

Figure18: One with paddy and another with corn

Figure19: Break

Figure20: What Vishnu is doing…?

Figure21: Landslide by the river at Rosy River

Figure22: close view…

Figure23: Two Roofs…!!!

Figure24: Wow!!! The Veteran… SharadP

Figure25: one wet and another dry

Figure26: Land is available for Plotting

Figure27: Miss Uprety saying Bye Bye to the Hikers

Figure28: SharadP Remembers his childhood

Figure29: NischalD, Rashmi and Rudra

Figure30: Hikers entering in Naya Gaun

Figure31: Rashmi !!!

Figure32: Clean Hill from Naya Gaun

Figure33: Parallel

Figure34: Rudra, Laba and Rashmi

Figure35: Fule supply

Figure36: Vishnu Leads

Figure37: and now Lava

Figure38: Another way of preserving the corn

Figure39: Another Look of Naya Gaun

Figure40: Zoom in

Figure41: This time Rajendra Leads

Figure42: 10 Numbers of…

Figure43: Find the No. 10…

Figure44: Through Naya Gaun

Figure45: Trail…

Figure46: House is Blessed with Sun Shine

Figure47: Window without Joints

Figure48: Trail in Naya Gaun

Figure49: Resting on the roof of the reservoir at Naya Gaun

Figure50: Looks like a Bandipur BUT NOT…

Figure51: Thumbs Up!!!

Figure52: Available for Resistance

Figure53: The Only Big rOcK of the Hiking

Figure54: Pink sky Shading the GREEN

Figure55: The sky Plays games with the hills….:)

Figure56: Lights of the Bright Sun…

Figure57: Blue Hills

Figure58: Edible Junglee Mushromm… free of cost

Figure59: Picture taken at 6:47 PM

Figure60: The Chinese Man

Figure61: Commander in Chief

Figure62: Tower at The Pulchowki

Figure63: Rookie tolerance

Figure64: The Shivalaya at Pulchowki top

Figure65: Property of the Lord Shiva

Figure66: Commander’s Mess