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Hiking from Mahadevsthan to Naldum

Figure1: Mahadevsthan rice field

Figure2: Fodder tree

Figure3: Naubise

Figure4: Handsome species of junglee fowl

Figure5: Cha River in Naubise

Figure6: Preserving corn for seed

Figure7: Rice Field in Naubise

Figure8: Walking through the rice field of the Naubise

Figure9: Mahadevsthan rice field

Figure10: Deupur village hill in the distance

Figure11: Trail to Singe Village

Figure12: Deupuri hill

Figure13: On the way to Singe

Figure14: Bomboo farming

Figure15: Rest place in Singe

Figure16: Image from Singe

Figure17: Bougainvillea in Singe

Figure18: Way to Nagarkot

Figure19: Trail contd…

Figure20: Woodpecker House

Figure21: View of Nagarkot from Singe Village

Figure22: Farm house in Singe

Figure23: Waterfall

Figure24: View of the Salle Gaun