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Hiking from Bandipur to Ramkot

Participants: Shamesh, Robin (rookie), Sabeen, RajendraS, Kapil, DeepakM, Abhishek, PramodR, Sujan, SudeepKda, RajuM, RajeshP, and Vishnu
Route: (Kathmandu) to Bandipur to Ramkot to Bandipur
Date: Sat-Sun, January 5-6, 2008
Duration: 2+5 hours
Trip Doom: 5+13-Kilometers
Report: RobinT
Creative Support: NishchalS and SuyeshN
Hike never been a cup of my tea however, I went to Bandipur along with D2 colleagues. Fun began right after we left D2 Premises with Vishnu K, a man with immense sense of humor. Rajesh P also knows the art of decorating the trip. I am not used to D2 type of van so had a headache along with vomiting way to destination, for a moment I regretted being part of the hike. But D2ians pranks took away my sufferings. All of us got the opportunity to increase our vocabulary. And of course some science, generally we know about the Black Hole in front of the Milky Way (If not buy a book by Hawkins – “A Brief History of Time”) but certainly not Two Holes. If anyone has interest to know about the Two Holes say hello to Rajesh P or stop by Kapil P.

Do you like this syat sayt? Vishnu K’s broken English but most popular amongst the tourists (foreigner). We reached Bandipur at 3:00pm (Saturday 5th jan) and went to neighboring places from the bazaar. Bandipur typically depicts culture and tradition of Nepal. It has been blessed by the range of Himalayas. And the people are nice and friendly, they really know the meaning of “Athiti Debo Bhawa”. I had no excitement to go to Rampur because I was born in a similar village and had spent my entire childhood. However, it was great experience in many ways. The very first hike in my life has left remarkable memories. It is proven that if I was not part of it, I would have regretted for my lifetime.

01 Ready for an imginary place for lost.

02 Soon after Kathmandu border.

03 Happy mods without scooters.

04 Cool off.

05 Thousand of them but not ready yet.

06 Salaam Raju.

07 Travel pays us-besides river-in the sun-warm meal.

08 Four families one tent-French holiday.

09 Guide map.

10 Dumre Bazaar.

11 On way to Bandipur.

12 Cool driving.

13 Bit further.

14 Happy landing at Bandipur.

15 Recommended for BOOZE along with lovable view.

16 Saturday hike.

17 Local product – Tangerin.

18 Toward Panchdhara.

19 Here are those free of cost Dharas!

20 Return for the next place.

21 A view of the Bandipur from West.

22 Bandi-Sailplaning.

23 Tundikhel ambiance.

24 Teachers at poulet sauteing.

25 Slowly down the Marshyangdi.

26 Bandipur Resort provides this view.

27 At Tundhikhel.

28 Bus for Picnic.

29 Close look from Tundhikhel.

30 Yet another.

31 And next.

32 The fourth.

33 The Fifth.

34 Sujan

35 Hello Shamesh.

36 Busy at business.

37 Not that far.

38 One more.

39 The Second.

40 Next to the second.

41 Third one.

42 The Fourth .Sorry for not knowing names.

43 Loosen up!

44 Leaving Tundhikhel behind.

45 Moving to the town.

46 Cherished.

47 A Chessgame in a Bandipur way.

48 Enclosed at Raksha.

49 Little bit of Badminton.

50 The town at night.

51 Raising glasses for higher.

52 Euphoric and riant.

53 Boarding and lodging just for Rs. 200.

54 Dish the dirt.

55 Early morning star with moon.

56 The town at dawn.

57 Before people run in.

58 Sunday hike begins here.

59. Information.

60 First up.

61 A village close by Bandipur in the morning.

62 Visitors’ tree for rest and best view.

63 Morning blissful.

64 Moving ahead.

65 Up again.

66 preoccupied.

67 General KP’s leading.

68 Here RajeshP leads.

69 Gambate Kudasai-do your best!

70 Ramkot Village.

71 Trail for challenging hike.

72 Happy-go-lucky.

73 Closing Ramkot.

74 A recognition by her own efforts.

75 A Village pharmacy-nice & clean.

76 A famous Ramkot breakfast-SHIBANI-tamatar ko chatani!

77 Ran Bahadur-hamar sonar bhalo achhe.

78 Walking back.

79 Easy and not involved.

80 Colorful efforts.

81 Raju and Kapil.

82 Flying high.

83 Lighted up by ek khalasi do khalasi teen khalasi char!!!!

84 A Menu easy to read.

85 V for ending.

86 For an internal representation.

87 Jigarma badi aag hai!!

88 Something for which to be thankful!