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Hiking from Phulbari Gate to Jamacho

Participants: Raj Thakuri,Hitesh Karki, Nishchal Shrestha, Manoj Rokka, Suyesh Nepal, Bimal Koirala

Route: Phulbari Gate>> Jamacho >>Mudkhu
Date: Sunday, 12th May,2007
Creative Support:BinayaN, DovanR
Report posted by Prashanta S

Trip Doom: 11.5 miles (GPS)

This probably was one of the smallest group of Hikers. There were no more than six people. Nonetheless, that did not dampen the spirit in any way. Knowing that the chances of finding a school on this coservation site were very slim and from recent expereince of schools going through new admissions, it was unanimosuly decided not to carry any excercise books and pencils.

The group reached the ‘Royal jungle’ and started to climb the hill of Nagarjuna at about 8.30. The aim was to reach the Jamacho Gompa which was at about 5 kms distance. It was a vertical climb. At about 10.40, we reached peak , some 8000 ft high, and as usual, were greeted with some breathtaking view of the valley from the top of the tower.

A little break and we decided to move on with a slight change in the plan. Rather than going back the same route from where we ascended, we decided to encirlce the hill of Nagarjuna, which was additional 11 kms of walk according to one of the army men gurading the ‘Royal Jungle’.
So we walked and since the villagers had told us that there was no way of finding a hiking trail in that route, we had to follow a path which looked motorable at certain points and at certain points did not. By 4.00 pm we reached the army barrack of Mudukho, some 4 kms away from the main gate of the Royal Jungle, where we were picked by Manoj.

A hearty meal of dal bhat in thamel, and we all were ready to head back home.