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Hiking from Dhulikhel to Dolalghat

Figure1: Sensationalistic

Figure2: Hikers at Sallaghari

Figure3: Some time nice to hike in rain

Figure4: The Ancient Temple at Khawa

Figure5: Blessed Bell

Figure6: Tinpipale rest

Figure7: Salt attracts you

Figure8: Daulat and Soyesh on the way to Baluwa

Figure9: Corn for winter Popcorn

Figure10: Baluwa Paddy Field

Figure11: Through the paddy field

Figure12: Bimal in Lead

Figure13: Dhude danda

Figure14: Soyesh, Ganga and Daulat [L to R]

Figure15: Relegious Pipal

Figure16: The Local guiding the hikers

Figure17: Preserving dried corn straw for Fertilizer

Figure18: Jhigu Beach

Figure19: Jhigu River

Figure20: These help Saving Life

Figure21: Tea Time at Tinghare

Figure22: commencing to climb

Figure23: Half way to Palanchowk Bhagawati

Figure24: Hills from the BaraBise

Figure25: Serene

Figure26: Amala for free

Figure27: Professor

Figure28: The valley of Tinpipale

Figure29: Cloudy Hill from Tinpipale

Figure30: House from Baluwa

Figure31: …

Figure32: Chautari at the top

Figure33: Branch of pipal Tree

Figure34: Trails

Figure35: Indrawati

Figure36: Village near Dolalghat

Figure37: Afternoon Tea Break at Palanchowk

Figure38: Rudra Thinks it is getting late

Figure39: Hills from Tatopani area

Figure40: Spray

Figure41: The only sunsine of the day at 5:37PM

Figure42: Hide and Seek

Figure43: Rainbow

Figure44: Village above Dolalghat

Figure45: Araniko Highway

Figure46: The road that goes to Dolakha

Figure47: Looks like river…

Figure48: The top view of Dolalghat Bazzar