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Hiking from Chapagaun to Saraswoti Kunda

Date: May 18, 2008
Participants: Prajwal Hada, Sanjeet Baidya, Lava Kafle, Awanish Rajan, Samesh Joshi, Bikram Lal, Binod Raj Pathak, Ravi Sharma, Sashi Acharya, Subin Shrestha, Bikesh Babu Rajbanshi
Hiking Route: Chapagaun-PIA-Lele-Thapagaun-Lele- Saraswoti Kunda
Total Distance covered: 10 kms (approx)
Duration: 4 hours
Report By: BinodP
Caption: AwanishR/RaviS
Photos: Shashi/Shamesh/Awanish/Ravi

Hiking Description:-
It was almost 7:00 am of Sunday morning when all the hikers had arrived to Office. Previously, hike was planned from Budhanikantha to Shivapuri, but due to zero participation of lady hikers, we planned to do a bit tough hiking and chose the route of Chapagaun to Lele. At 7:10 am our office van picked us from office premises towards the hiking start point. As every hiker’s stomach was empty, we stopped at Jawalakhel and find hotel named “Badri ko Khaja Pasal”. After stomach was fully loaded, we again started our journey. After half and hour journey via Office van we reached to Chapagaun, the starting point of our hike. We took jungle way. There was no proper path that we can follow in jungle so we randomly moved discovering our own way. Though jungle way was very steep and difficult to climb up hills, we never lost our serenity. We were so lucky to taste delicious fruit in jungle i.e. “kafal”. Thanks to Binod and Awanish who managed themselves to climb “Kafal” tree and pick “kafal” for all. While we were having “Kafal”, “Kafle Lava” dai frightened every one saying “What will we do if Tiger comes here”. Everyone gave their views but Lava dai gave the most promising view. According to him, four of us will catch four legs of tiger, other two will catch its body, other two will catch its tail and remaining will pour alcohol i.e. beer in its mouth. After having beer, tiger will become “Jhaap” then we will take photo embracing it. Romantic talk was over; we began to climb up and up. We were lucky that weather was on our favor, atmosphere was cloudy so we didn’t feel too hot. After climbing hill for 45 minutes, we reached almost top. We did not find proper way to reach Lele. We used Hit and Trial method to find way to Lele. We decided to climb down the steep hill. The forest is of pine and ground is covered with its leaves which caused difficult to move down the steep path. We began to skate down. Almost all hikers fell once while skating down. Bikesh won first prize for falling down many times. Congratulation!!! Bikesh. After almost one hour skating practice we finally reached the main road. Later on we came to know that the name of area from where we began to skate is PIA. Environment of PIA is cool and naturally rich. From PIA we reached Lele village. As usual, we searched local school to distribute copy and pencil to students. Finally we found school named ‘Shree Maneshwori Primary School”. We distributed all copies and pencils to little students of that school and took some photos with them. There after we walked towards Thapagaun a nice village. People were busy in harvesting wheat from their fields. Moving through wheat field we reached to a lake with clean water. We washed our hands and feet there and took rest for a while. Still we had a lot of time so we decided to climb other hill of Lele. After another 45 minutes of walk through hill, we reached Lele Bazzar. Moving up through Lele Bazzar we reached Saraswoti Kunda our end point of hike.

Everywhere we searched for a good hotel to have lunch. We were unable to find any suitable place. Finally we met Parwati didi who helped us finding the right hotel for our lunch. Ravi enjoyed talking with the 65 years old woman. She was having some food with us as well. After having lunch we were headed back to Kathmandu. It was really funny and humorous hike.

01-3 Pals ready to take on lele

02-excitement of Hiking

03-Heading toward Badri ko Khaja Pasal

04-Fuel Crisis

05-lets move guys

06-Someone might be watching us say hi to them

07-Start the hike

08-A Glimpse of Lalitpur district

09-Engineering skills of the machine

10-Lets take rest

11-We are the champions

12-two monkeys hunting for kaafal

13-The D2C

14-Destination not so far

15-lava dai- making plan how to protect from wilds in the jungle

16-Bikram’s D

17-it was really cool weather

18-kasto hidna garo bha yespali

19-Help!Help! Please someone help me

20-Ohhhh my God … ke vayo !!! come ongive some air to him

21-break time lets have some local cheeeezzzz

22-Big bite1

23-Big bite2

24-Big bite3

25-elephant bite

26-Ek se mera kya hoga

27-Is this enough for me

28-this much is enuff for my stomach

29-sanjeet dai- We must reach that hil, lava dai- no we have walked a long lets make it short

30-ohh noo how can i walk such a long distance

31-prajwal dai- come on lava ji we must go now

32-can someone lend me a bottle of waterplease

33-Bikesh n Shamesh on the way

34-Crawling down towards Bhairab Kunda

35-Follow meehh

36-Getting ready to slide

37-Finally ravi stopped sliding bikesh

38-Lost in the nature

39-Enjoying the jungle slide


41-Ready to take off

42-Slide -2

43-Simply beautiful

44-Hariyo baan Nepal ko dhan

45-lets walk school..

46-Finally we found it

47-I got 2 pencils how much did u get

48-Thank you sir..audai garnu hola

49-Prajwal dai distributing copy n pencil to the principal of the school

50-Everybody say D2

51-two beautiful kids of lele

52-Photography at its best

53-Photography skills

54-Hey kasaile ta hamro photo khicha na yaar

55-Lets move on

56-Macro test

57-let them enjoy

58-Lava ji! Khola le bagaula hai

59-paile timi afnu jutta khola ani matrai ma mero arko jutta kholchhu

60-Resting brigde


62-What are these guys looking at

63-Our only food in the jungle


65-Mero photo chahi bullet aunu parchha hai

66-Three glass of dew

67-binod… i love hiking.. hiking is in my blood

68-Gahu ko bhari

69-Divine eyes of SAS NEPAL

70-Tiger Cheez time

71-It was such a nice place

72–Old house1

73-Old house2

74-Jooka just caught

75-Now no one lives there


77-Etta Bhatta

78-on the way to sarswati kunda

79-size of all three windows are same with the small door below

80-Shiva Temple our destination finally

81-Shiva Mandir

82-Happy Awanish after a long walk

83-eye catching fish of saraswati kunda

84-Parbati didi, who led us to the hotel

85-Finally all the guys love the same topic no age difference

86-Any wish before execution

87-Awareness board of LELE

88-dusty road of chapagaun

89-everybody enjoyed the hike