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Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Sundarijal via Nagi Gumba

Title Team Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Sundarijal
Location Budhanilkantha to Sundarijal
Start Date 22 January, 2011
End Date 22 January, 2011
Distance (km) 17km
Coordinator Leeza Shrestha
Participants Aashara Shrestha, Abanish Kayastha, Ashish Vaidya, Basant Amatya, Bishnu Pandey, Deborah Koehler, Isha Shrestha, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Leeza Shrestha, Manila Raut, Nishant Karki, Prasha Shrestha, Prativa Dahal, Rupesh Karki, Sulekha Bhandari, Sumit Shrestha, Suraj Pant
Photos By Ashish Vaidya, Kanchan Pandey, Leeza Shrestha, Nishant Karki
Report By Leeza Shrestha
Creative Support Nishant Karki, Nimesh Deuja

An early bird as I am not … I sacrificed the tempting Saturday morning sleep and got going for the hike. We had stunningly beautiful scenes to look forward to, and the thrill was right up there. 17 of us (go girl power) started the journey from Shivapuri – Nagarjun National Park at around 9:30 AM. Walking in the chilled morning through beautiful dales with fresh air was fun. Despite our best attempts at avoiding group splits, not everyone could keep pace with the early runners. The sad part was, the pace setters also had all the food :(. On we treaded the hill; amongst most of us tired girls, there were tough lady hikers who were fresh and still excited… cheers Isha, Ashara (Y). Walking at the same monotone, we climbed up the never ending stairs to get to Nagi Gumba. A sigh of relief escaped out breaths when we finally got there. It was like any other gumba, but special to us, mostly due to our effort in getting there. Nishant and Ashish spent time clicking away. Apparently, they prefer taking photographs to posing. Good for them, we thought :). After some rest, we went downhill from Nagi Gumba towards Sundarijal. The path seemed to get tougher as we moved ahead. Poor Prativa was grimacing with pain, alongside me, I might add. Suraj kept trying to scare people with his “yaha bhaloo aauchha”. Nobody bought into his words, but Bishnu was held back while he was walking ahead alone – something really did pass by. Food for thought, huh Suraj?

Something got into Sulekha and all of a sudden she broke into a run… “sulekha lai bhoot le tanyo.” Ashish looked bizarre as he waited for us. No more splits – Abanish started running to catch up with the group up ahead just in case we lost them. After we assembled again at one point, all of us made it to a second spot so we could rest. Well, now may be my turn… couldn’t wait to reach the destination. So, geared up faster and faster- Sulekha and myself while rest of the group were taking it nice and easy…. “aba kati laagchha??”… the passersby say “30 mins”….. 30 mins we walk….. again “30 mins”….. True was the story – “Never ask kati laagchha”… I can feel blisters under the feet – “I should’ve bought hiking shoes!!”. We could hear the water flow, but not a drop to see. Rumbling down the steps over sharp stones, we finally saw rivulets and falls and picnic groups. We were sure that we would not have any more 30 mins. Alas the folly of oversight. Who knew that was just Sundarijal dam point? Our patience was about to run off. These were never ending steps, as we began to long for the ones to the gumba. how we reached a lively place, which turned out to be only another milestone. We headed to Sundarijal bus park, and finally saw the earlier gang … took a restaurant to sit back, relax and above all, get some food. While we had long faces, fit and fine Deborah smiled and said “was just a long walk”. Welcoming the gang we left in between, :D… we had some marvelous tea… and a long awaited lunch at around 4 PM, we had nepali thali that to me had never been as delicious.

Though my legs still remind me of the hike 3 days from then, to remember the experience now is fun and amazing. Looking forward to the next bout we have :).

Deborah Koehler
The men and women of Deerwalk
mingled their forces on the Shivapuri road.

Quick paces set by
few with others in the rear.

Hats worn and hats shed
tucked into purses and backpacks

Which way, is this the way, yes
this is the way, where are the others?

The men and women of Deerwalk
mingled their forces on the Shivapuri road.

The new road cutting into the hillside,
clearing the way for people and motor bikes.

No birds, no animals, only plastic
and the happy noise of Saturday picnickers in the distance.

Picking up trash and throwing trash,
who has habits of change for Nepal?

The men and women of Deerwalk
mingled their forces on the Shivapuri road.

One group began, two groups emerged
and then intimate fractions thrived.

Conversations measured, explored, family bonds,
Luftunsa name origniation, and the living/dying paradox.

Cell phone calls made
missing the loved one not there?

The men and women of Deerwalk
mingled their forces on the Shivapuri road.

Drinking tea, and gorging on nuts and chips
and getting to know each other.

30 mintues more and 30 mintues more and
OMG my legs and feet hurt.

The pictures, the movies, the documenting
the experience, what is real?

The men and women of Deerwalk
mingled there forces on the Shivapuri road.

Blisters on tender toes
in new fashionable shoes.

Waiting waiting waiting, for the others, the tea,
the coffee, the beer and then the food, glorious food.

The dhal demanders, the gum smackers,
the non eaters, the slow eaters, and the plate cleaners.

7 women and 10 men of Deerwalk
spent their Saturday walking together on the sidehills

of the rapidly disappearing natural beauty
of ShivaPuri to Sundarijal on Januray 22, 2011.

19 thoughts on “Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Sundarijal via Nagi Gumba

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  5. Leeza,

    This posting reminds me the hike that we strode together with others from Namobuddha to Bhedetar. How long did you walk with bare feet in the paddy field?

    Now you are a commandar of such outing and this makes me feel happy for you. Be the landlord and hike up the rents!


  6. bohemianGrunge – donno who you are but still thanks for suggesting a nice route bhai… dint mention earlier– my bad 🙁 nice of you sumit… same thought here 🙂

  7. We are still vegetarian. I’ve asked Rupesh couple of time to go to Kalinchowk and give up . He don’t agree with me. I am planning to threaten him. How ? don’t know (suggestions are welcome)

  8. I wonder if the pics are in order… waiting for food is coming before rearing to go 🙂
    anyways the outing was gud… thnx leeza di for it

  9. I am just wondering whether Rupesh and Bishnu are still veg or have they given up? They had expressed their desires to remain veg so strongly during our Kalinchowk hike. Rupesh seems to have lost few pounds though.

  10. hahah ashay dai, the best shot is “nasty” 😛

    no mention of thank u for suggesting such well balanced route….bad liza di 😀

    “new himesh” heheheheh… i’ll need a medical insurance soon 😀

    nice poem deborah

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