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Hiking from Syangja to Sirubari and Majh Kateri via Maidan

Title Utopia of the Nation – Sirubari
Start Date 06/04/2010
End Date 06/06/2010
Duration 12
Distance (km) 10 kms
Hike coordinator Sagar Adhikari
Participants Anup Poudyal, Arbind Kumar, Karna, Bal Krishna Lachhimasyu , Biraj Man Shakya, Chandra Man Shrestha,
Dijup Tuladhar, Eliza Shrestha, Mahesh Raj Regmee, Manish Dhakal, Manee Pandey, Mukesh Sah,
Rashmi Pandey, Ravi Sharma, Reena Joshi, Sagar Adhikari, Shankar Subedi
Photos by Anup Poudyal, Bal Krishna Lachhimasyu, Dijup Tuladhar, Rashmi Pandey, Ravi Sharma, Shankar Subedi
Captions by Anup Poudyal, Dijup Tuladhar, Ravi Sharma, Sagar Adhikari
Report by Anup Poudyal, Manish Dhakal
Creative Support Dijup Tuladhar, Prerana Pradhan


Origin Location2 Destination
Name Syangja Phedi, AaamDada, Thulo Padhera, Maidan Kharshu, Majh Kateri, Panchmul, Sirubari
District Kaski
Zone Gandaki
Longitude E 820 4.98698’ E 830 45.5807’
Latitude N 280 6.4812’ N 280 7.8958’
Altitude 1700 m
Recommended Items to See Hills, forest and locality Mountain Range, local people,
Recommended Places to Eat Any local hotels Any local homes
Recommended Places to Stay Sirubari community homes
Recommended Activities Hiking and Photo Journalism Hiking and Photo Journalism Hiking and Photo Journalism
Recommended means of transportation VAN/Bus
Available means of transportation VAN/Bus/Bike
Culture Influenced by Gurung Culture Influenced by Gurung Culture
Distance from previous Location 130 kms 10 kms 10 kms
Means of Transport VAN
Duration 8 hrs on VAN 4 hrs 5 hrs

 This is Sirubari
This is Sirubari

Anup recollects:
Sirubari village is a totally unspoiled Gurung settlement set in the hills at an altitude of 1700 meters above the sea level. The climate is ideal between September and June with warm days and cool nights.

“Yo Chai mero best ho hai.”

It was Friday evening and all of us were pretty excited about the 2 days hike. Since it was my first 2 days hike from D2, I was not sure how things were going to be for rest of the days but I was sure that it will be a thrilling experience. Almost all the hikers gathered in the office premise by 8.30PM. We left the office around 9.30 PM. Even though, there were not enough seats on the bus, we did adjust properly.

Though it was the time when people generally hover around their nightmares, none of us were sleeping during the whole night. Actually we were enjoying some beautiful numbers from Ravi’s collection. Around 6.30 in the morning, we reached Pokhara and headed directly to Syangja after having tea. It did not take more than 2 hours to reach Syangja. We started to hike at around 8.30 in the morning from Putalikhet.

The route was fantastic. It was a graveled path filled with pebbles and limestone. At the beginning, the trip did not look so difficult but as we moved ahead, the level of difficulty started to rise with our toil. The steeping stairways, exhausting paths, bare land and scorching sun giggling from the sky were just making the hike unpredictably difficult – that’s why we named it “THE JYANMARA HIKE”.

a member of one of the families sharing same food and environment with the natives

We were walking in two groups. Ravi and the team including Biraj, Mahesh and Bal Krishna were leading us from the front. We continued to climb up the hill boosting each other’s morale. I was the one trying to give up but thanks to the team for continuously supporting me with their courageous words, funny jokes and energy drinks.

We reached Sirubari at around 5.30 PM and were amazed to see the warm welcome from the villagers. We could not get the kind of reception we had been expecting as we appeared suddenly in the village without informing them, nevertheless it was a nice and warm welcome from the Gurung community. We were surprised to see the people living in such a harmony supporting each other so well. We came to know that the concept of building a modal village was initiated by a retired British Army. Since 1997 this village has been an ideal place for tourists to experience the life in a village as a member of one of the families sharing same food and environment with the natives.

We were taken to the houses where we were to stay in groups of 2 as family members. We were offered dinner at around 8.30PM. The dinner was inexplicably delicious with yummy traditional daal-bhat and meat. I felt like I was having dinner in a Thakali restaurant in Kathamndu.

We woke up at 6:00 AM in the morning next day and gathered in a place which they called ‘Gumba’ for farewell ceremony. At round 7 AM, we left Sirubari with beautiful memories and blessings from the villagers. With 3 hours nasty drive along the road; we reached Putalikhet at 10.30 where we found Ram dai desperately waiting for us. We headed to Pokhara, had lunch and then reached Kathamandu at 10 PM singing in the bus.

Though the hike was amazing, we missed some events due to very short duration. However, we enjoyed each and every moment like hiking under the burning sun, frustrated seeing the hill on the front yet to be climbed, dancing on the cliff for someone, giving up and again standing on the feet and finally the stay at Sirubari. I am still looking forward to visit Sirubari once again.

The journey of a lifetime- Manish
On the 4th of June, 9:30 p.m., 16 enthusiastic hikers set out on a hike that would soon be “the trip of a lifetime”. It was my first time travelling at night and it turned out to be extremely enjoyable (though it was a little tiring). We reached Mugling at around 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning where we had our late dinner (dinner on morning sounds yummy: D). The journey continued, and in an undisclosed location, Ram dai had a short which he truly deserved. We guys, except for the ones sleeping on the van, had a little night strolling and that was when Biraj was named “The Columbus of Jhadis” for his uncanny habit of finding out Jhadi (a bush) at will.

Each and every people we met on every village we crossed were extremely helpful and offered help

We had our morning tea at Pokhara and then breakfast at Syangja. After that, at 8:30 a.m., the much awaited hike to Sirubari started. We got on our gears and started the march up the hills. After a little way up front, the pack was divided into 2 groups – the real hikers and the hikers; I was in the latter. After 3 hours, we reached a village called “Dhakal Gaun” and it really felt like home to me (being a Dhakal myself). Each and every people we met on every village we crossed were extremely helpful and offered help in the form of water and guiding us the way to our destination.

After 4 hours of walk, we reached a place called “Thulo Padhero”. 4 of our hikers were so sapped out by the scorching sun that they decided to take the remainder of the trip by bus. We marched on and on up the hills and every hill we were about to reach seemed like the last one – but we were wrong on many occasions. By then, Sagar was already named “Jyanmara Coordinator” by Manee.

“Yo nani kasari ayo hola”

Finally, after 9-10 hours of grueling hike, we reached Sirubari where we were given a very warm welcome2 of the Gurung “Bajais” (grandmother) were astonished to see Dijup and kept on telling “Yo nani kasari ayo hola” hiding their beautiful faces by their hands. The place really felt like home to all of us and the food was absolutely delicious. There I also discovered that people worship both Buddha as well as Hindu gods (Ganesh and Shiva) – only if our so called educated friends had the same feeling, we would not have any kind of religious warfare.

..being in a mixer and it was nothing less than that

Sunday morning arrived and we left Sirubari with a farewell no one of us had ever received before. At 8:00 a.m., with a garland on our necks, we decided to leave Sirubari by bus. There was an elderly couple on the bus and they even asked me “Nani ka bihe garna jana lako” – I said I was on my way to Kathmandu with a smile on my face. Shankar dai, having had the experience of riding the road on bus (remember the 4 who took the remainder of the journey by bus), had told us that the ride feels like being in a mixer and it was nothing less than that. Nine of us decided to get off the bus on “Maidan” and walk upto Syangja. We reached Syangja at around 1:00 p.m., and got on our office van. Pokhara was the venue for our lunch and we left for Kathmandu at 3:30 p.m. On the journey back home, we played “Antakshari” which really helped us in killing time. Finally, at 9:30 p.m., we reached Kathmandu and the hike concluded.

The journey of a lifetime

For me, the hike is be memorable mainly for 2 reasons –
1) The extremely friendly people we met on the way and
2) The 10 hours hike, each and every moment of which is still fresh in my memories.
Thank you all of my 15 friends for making this hike really “The journey of a lifetime”.

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37 thoughts on “Hiking from Syangja to Sirubari and Majh Kateri via Maidan

  1. Agreed….Pics are good….there are many creative shots, many well composed and nice PP pics too..

    Some of my per favs:
    07..Loved the expression…well captured
    18..nice couple
    33…loved this ..composition would have been more better…
    79..great shot…bit more bluish
    75..bit blurred but loved the composition
    26..let me wonder ..just imagining this place
    51..yea @SB..”Best landscape”
    64…among the few shots..

    @sangharsha.. Thanks for commenting my feeling too….”Not many pictures… calling people back again to Visit Sirubari “

  2. Thank you Dhilung/Shutterbug for commenting to support and to improve the posting style and Image Quality. As Shutterbug implied it may be a good idea to remove the hostile merciless picture. The efforts from hikers seem to reach peak even in this Hot humid season, an impossible task successfully conquered.

  3. What an immersing experience it must have been!! !

    Having a garland of hospitality from a true heart is just priceless.

    Enjoyed all the photographs.

    @pic78 finding the best tripod spot around is another set of skill 🙂

    @pic79 thumbs up!

  4. @Shutterbug :- Points noted :- ‘what makes a picture more powerful is how you approach your ’subject’ on the spot having ideas inside your mind

    Feel free to buzz my cell — hmm .. now u’ve put u’reself in trouble .. expect the unexpected … i’ve got ure number hehhehe 😀

  5. Dear dtuladhar,
    Rating pictures is always a good thing. One can learn lot scrutinizing picture. Having an eye for pictures is yet not enough talent to be a good photographer. One needs to visualize story within pictures from different aspects. Why he and she took this picture? What is the best part? Is it static or moving picture? What about technical soundness? It is powerful composition? So and so. Every picture is worth looking at and looking in. I enjoy doing both.

    Dear Ravi,
    I know you are so eager unfolding magic in Light Room (LR) and Photo Shop (PS). There is no harm being fascinated to perform those tricks but what makes a picture more powerful is how you approach your ‘subject’ on the spot having ideas inside your mind. So, my suggestions is GO OUT and play with your camera, try to master this art of composition, exposure etc to create picture, besides sitting in front of computer spending hours. I will be more than just happy to sit with you and make comments over your pictures. Feel free to buzz my cell.

  6. Thank you so much for your valuable comments suggestions, advice and feedback

    There were some rookies so they called it “Jyanmara hike”.

    This is Sirubari is a bit more saturated agreed (over saturated :P). Pic 28, tried to create an HDR image merging 3 exposure shots and later did some PP on LightRoom.

    Pic no: 79 yet it is cropped later 😉 (Y) gotcha .. a photographers eye 🙂

    Pic 58 will be removed – will ask the EU Admin team to remove it .n thanks for u’re suggestions..

  7. You hikers must have had a great time there in Sirubari and one can easily guess looking at pictures no: 23, 27, 28, 31, and 34, why you guys call it a ‘Jyanmara Hike’. Being out in nature and testing our physical endurance is definitely a most interesting part of any hike, I guess. Whether you call these experiences good or bad, but memories you cashed in heart is priceless.

    Here’s Shutterbug’s Pictures Rating :

    Pic ‘ This is Sirubari‘ would be better if photographer could opt bit more wide in perspective. Color of the Sky and maize plant seem more saturated. Must be result of imbalance color leveling. Must be the result of same reason in pic no: 28.

    Well composed Shot: 51, 72 and 79 (Pic no: 79 yet it is cropped later)
    Nature’s Best Shot: 18 and 79
    Best Portrait: 33
    Best Landscape: 51
    Creative Shot: 50 and 79
    Interesting Shot: 18, 50 and 59

    Pic no: 52 is a bad choice and let’s not be inhuman by posting this picture of cruelty on animals. I strongly suggest removing it if possible. By the way, I am curious to know why a recommended activity for Sirubari is ‘Photo Journalism’.

  8. @bikash : hunu sakcha, but was not only the reason.:)
    @Eliza Good Saying.
    @craapy photographs and narrative: thank you for your comment you are right in many way but not totally, everyone has it’s own way of presenting the thing the way we presented was not in ur’s way that doesn’t mean it was craapy.

    Thank you Ravi for all including your’s best song, Pawan for … and to all Hikers being so friendly.

    One of my best #34 towards the heaven

  9. aaaayeeeyaaa!!!!….photo heryo kii jeuu dukhnaa thalcha….but enjoyed a lot…thanks Ravi and Sagar.

  10. Try get the funny and humorous meaning of Captions …don’t relate it to your ethics….

  11. against my ethics “THE JYANMARA HIKE” and buffalo murder !! shocking, om maane padme hun

  12. What one thinks matters for oneself, nothing else. And how one perceives again matters oneself.
    Ful ko aakhama fulai sansar
    kadako aakhama kadai sansar

    So, if u think its bad it’s your view if u think it’s good ,again it’s just ur view.
    We welcome both rubbish and candid comments . But the fact is we had a great fun . Thanks Ravi and Sagar .

  13. Lovely photos, great post.
    05, 07, 11, 13, 16, 38, 39, 59, 69, 75; Team photo at the top is captivating, 79 is cool, “this is Sirubari” is nice, and 33 is my fav. Nice selection of photos. Almost all are good ones. (Y) to all the shooters.
    But still, more hike trail photos could be good, I miss them in the report.

    Sagar & Ravi, you have coordinated a great hike up there. Walking 10hrs up the hill under the scorching Sun is not easy (specially when you travel 230kms whole night in the van).
    Cheers to you all.

  14. Call you self a blogger and try give expert feedback…………just have guts to come up with your real name…

  15. Photo #81…Dijup dai o dijup dai…yesto chahalpahal wala photo..Blackberry bata khicheko ho ki kaso..

  16. @craapy
    aru le gareko kura lai ramro bhanna na saknu nai hamro sabai bhanda na ramro bani..ali ali positive pani sochna sakdainan..

  17. 81 Janai man chaina :- Why Dijup ?

    Oooo haha background nai testo rai6 ani kaha farkina man lagcha ta keto lai 😉

  18. Admission of failure is great thing than to boast something that could not meet the expectation of everestuncensored blogger and viewers. @pic 62 , the face shows tiredness and boredom, but caption not equal.

  19. Malai chai sabai photo ekdamai mann paryo hai!! Jasle j sukai bhane pani. Seems like you guys had loads of fun

  20. Well said Ravi bro…the team was there for hiking and fun …not for a thesis on the place…the report and photos has to narrate both the story of the hike (team) and the place. I personally liked,Double like,triple like the photos and the report.:)………Keep going …good work bro…(y)….

  21. @ Asim :- Me too, if you have some plan lets do it .. wanna explore it again…

    @Mukesh:- With all the hurdles You hiked thats the spirit man (Y)

    @crappy photographs and narrative :- “u guys could not deliver the actual potential of the place. ” agreed to some extent, as we had to leave early in the morning.

    I don’t think u’ve been to the place hiking all the way long. Go for a hike, with the condition that we’ve got to get back in 2 days of time, mind it. U’ve only got 2 days. And i dont like u’re cheap words there, its like using a pseudo name we can write anything attitude, grow up

    and Two day hike is not enough to explore this place ….

  22. Typical attitude of Nepali Politician :D:D…common try appreciate other works……….

  23. craapy photographs and narrative. u guys could not deliver the actual potential of the place.

  24. Awesome place and people………….really need to promote the place by any possible means…Hope another hiking group too take the pleasure of beautiful place…
    Bigger chunk of appreciation from my side goes to Sagar and Ravi…….thanks dude we had a great hike ..(y)………..Jyan maraa haru :D:D

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