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Hiking from 108 Kilo to Yarmasing Fort

Theme: Revisiting the History
Hiking Route: 108 Kilo – Yarmasingh Fort
Total Distance covered: 16 kms (approx)
Duration: 7 hours
Date: July 27th, 2008
Participants: Manoj Rokka, Tilak Thapa Magar, Kamal Karki, Purushottam Pandey and his daughter, Luna Gurung and her Sister Juna, Ravi Sharma, Bhanu Chalise, Bishal Pandey(Rookie), Sabita Khadka, Merina Maharjan, Charu Arjyal, Binod Gyawali(Rookie), Madhav Sigdel, Sarjan Gautam
Report By: Binod/Juna
Caption: Ravi/Luna/Manoj
Photos: Ravi/Bhanu/Manoj/Juna
Coordinator: Sarjan Gautam
Creative Support: Dijup/Luna/Pallavi

Yarmasing, which lies near to Khasa Bazar, is well known as a gadhi where Jang Bahadur Rana had troops to defend against Tibet some 250 yrs ago. On 27th July, all of us geared up for the hiking at early 6.45 am. At about 8.30, we reached the place called ‘Zero Kilo’ where we stopped for our breakfast. Spending about an hour at Zero Kilo, we continued with our journey to reach 108 kilo at the earliest. Along the winding road the river Indrawati and then Bhotekoshi flowing by our side and playing Antakshari, we reached a place3 kilometers ahead of 108 kilo where our vehicle could not move ahead due to landslide on the road. We had to then walk 3-4 kilometers upto108 kilometers. We reached the suspension bridge of 108 kilo at 1.30 and started to walk up the hill. Sometimes resting, sometimes walking and playing with the water and mud all over the road we reached our destination at 4 pm.

Enjoying the food stuffs, taking pictures and letting the leeches relish our blood at times, we continued with our hikeenjoyed the sceneric beauty of the mountains and Khasa Bazar. The strategic location of fort and design was perfect for the troops to hide during attack by the enemies and for possible fight backs. After spending about 45 minutes there, we started our journey back to the highway i.e. 108 kilo. All the schools in the area were closed for summer vacation so we stopped at a primary school named ‘BhumiChaur Primary School’ where we gathered some local children and distributed copies and pencils to them.

On our way back some of our hikers slipped and tripped owing to the slippery path. Many were attacked by the leeches too. Almost half way between zero-kilo and the fort, in a village named Bheda Singh, we entered a home savored some “makai” to calm our growling tummies. There we came to know that the gadi was actually Dongna Gadi.
We had to run back to reach highway to get back to Kathmandu and to make it on timele. At 6.30 we were able to reach 108 kilo, but we again we had to traverse 4 kilometers to reach to the place where our vehicle was waiting for us. At about 7.30, started the journey back to Kathmandu. Enjoying the songs by Madhav and Remix by Kamal and Tilak, we reached Khadichaur, where we stopped for dinner. After half an hour later, we started back to Kathmandu and reached to Koteswor at 11.30 pm.

The hiking was a memorable one which helped us to know something more about our history.

The Team

1st Row: (Juna, Merina, Luna, Sabita, Kamal, eYasha, Purushottam, Charu, Sarjan)
2nd Row: (Tilak, Ravi, Binod, Bishal, Madhav, Bhanu, Manoj)
The colorful Hawks!
I have to mention that, apart from the awkwardness of time, really painful hamstrings and some new freckles added to my face, the trip was no doubt one of the most satisfying adventures I’ve had! This scrap is dedicated to the lovely people of D2 I know, I’d like to call u the Hawks alrite?!.

Let me start by saying thank you to the D2 family specially my sister Luna for pitching me in for the trip, and thank god my vacation wasn’t over yet! After the initial awkwardness, things were easier once we started walking, I guess! (the nice lil’ landslide).
I must first mention the co-coordinator, Sarjan dai, checking up on everyone’s comfort and need. the unexpected ‘titauras’, the juicy n hot ‘Makai’, quite thoughtful, huh! with your caring ways, u could’ve just become quite a good doctor! Then there were the friendly lots who despite the added distance to the hiking route (due to the road block ), made the walking fun and enjoyable! Sarjan dai, Bhanu dai, Tilak dai, u people can talk on any matter! Thanks for making me feel comfortable, and for the frequent bouts of laughter on the way back!
Then there were some silent yet interesting ones, the photographer, Manoj dai, and thanks for the helping hand, I was really stuck and confused at the middle of the landslide. The girls- Merina and Sabita were fun, not to mention very generous blood donors too 😛
Now the merry makers- the hard core singers Purosottam dai, Charu di, Kamal dai, Madhav ‘the mellow’ guy, my own sister Luna , u guyz rock. Tilak dai needs a special mention here for his hilarious, prolific, spontaneous song composing skill, (a song starting from ‘nga’!??!!! who would’ve thought that’s even possible) Tilak and Madhav dai must come out together with an album soon! u people are crazy! and I mustn’t forget, DJ Ravi for all the nice songs u played during the silent travelling hours.U guys are the funniest, friendliest, coolest bunch of ppl. I’m glad to have known u all.

p.s. the rainbow over the hill along the fort that I feel must be for u wonderful colorful hawks! thanks once again for the joy!

Please click on the image to see its large version.

01 Stadium
Ready for fun
02 Ready for fun
late for fun
03 late for fun
As always Sharmila of Zero kilo
04 As always Sharmila of Zero kilo
Breakfast time_01
05 Breakfast time_01
Breakfast time_02
06 Breakfast time_02
breakfast being ready
07 breakfast being ready
Something stuck in the tyre
08 Something stuck in the tyre
la bigryo......
09 la bigryo……
When trouble comes we run away
10 When trouble comes we run away
We like to give pose this way
11 We like to give pose this way
Let me take ur snap   Say Cheeez
12 Let me take ur snap Say Cheeez
13 Spooky Claw….
14 Landslide
lets see if i can hit some fish 4 lunch
15 lets see if i can hit some fish 4 lunch
Water Fall
16 Water Fall
luks snakes caught inside spider web
17 luks snakes caught inside spider web
Suspended at Suspension Bridge
18 Suspended at Suspension Bridge
waite waite i am coming too......
19 waite waite i am coming too……
Beauty inside thorns
20 Beauty inside thorns
Purple haze
21 Purple haze
sharing is caring
22 sharing is caring
Daddy come my way
23 Daddy come my way
Guys don't take rest... still got 2 hours to hike
24 Guys don’t take rest… still got 2 hours to hike
build from trunk or branch
25 build from trunk or branch
melted sliver........
26 melted sliver……..
On my way to Bhotekoshi
27 On my way to Bhotekoshi
Falling deep
28 Falling deep
Climbing high
29 Climbing high
Engineers bg in constructing bridge
30 Engineers bg in constructing bridge
I can light bulb
31 I can light bulb
Free falling
32 Free falling
33 Rivering
Stream on the stairs
34 Stream on the stairs
35 Frozen
Innocent eyes of doggie
36 Innocent eyes of doggie
Merina n Sabita happy with kids
37 Merina n Sabita happy with kids
VhuMaChour Primary School
38 VhuMaChour Primary School
LG distributing Pencils
39 LG distributing Pencils
Ramrari lekhne ani padhne...
40 Ramrari lekhne ani padhne…
thanx d2
41 thanx d2
natural pool
42 natural pool
Girls guiding the boys
43 Girls guiding the boys
Time for some rest
44 Time for some rest
Blood Sucker
45 Blood Sucker
Future Butterfly
46 Future Butterfly
Come come my.. ur my butterfly .. baby
47 Come come my.. ur my butterfly .. baby
Fruits for hikers
48 Fruits for hikers
Prayer Flags
49 Prayer Flags
Under Construction
50 Under Construction
Stairway to Heaven
51 Stairway to Heaven
Artistic Buddha
52 Artistic Buddha
Buddha in my heart
53 Buddha in my heart
We found some arts inside the fort
54 We found some arts inside the fort
Checking the shoes
55 Checking the shoes
Buddisht Cemetary
56 Buddhist Cemetary
Planning for war or what
57 Planning for war or what
Leech caught in hand
58 Leech caught in hand
Lost the way
59 Lost the way
Madhav likes goat
60 Madhav likes goat
Am I Alone
61 Am I Alone
Entrace to the fort
62 Entrace to the fort
Finally at the destination
63 Finally at the destination
Searching for Leech Around
64 Searching for Leech Around
Mighty Sucker
65 Mighty Sucker
Everyone bg in their stuff
66 Everyone bg in their stuff
Place where Jungha Bahadur used to monitor Tibetian Army
67 Place where Jungha Bahadur used to monitor Tibetian Army
Remainings of Fort
68 Remainings of Fort
hey guys see Im in air
68 hey guys see Im in air
Left side of Fort
69 Left side of Fort
Gazing over the Khassa Bazar
70 Gazing over the Khassa Bazar
Khasa bazar
71 Khasa bazar
Pzzle game or the gate
72 Pzzle game or the gate
Fort Remainings
73 Fort Remainings
Preparing for the parade
74 Preparing for the parade
Read it
75 Read it
jai ganesh jai ganesha jai ganesha deva
76 jai ganesh jai ganesha jai ganesha deva
77 Scripture
Yarmasing Fort   Built by Jung Bahadur for war against Tibet
78 Yarmasing Fort Built by Jung Bahadur for war against Tibet
Rainbow that welcomed us at Fort
79 Rainbow that welcomed us at Fort
Salute in the name ofJungey
80 Salute in the name ofJungey
View of Bhotekoshi from port
81 View of Bhotekoshi from Fort
Faces of nature
82 Faces of nature
Rainbow and sunshine
83 Rainbow and sunshine
looks like snake
84 looks like snake
Mysterious leaf
85 Mysterious leaf
Rare plant
86 Rare plant
Time to have some corn
87 Time to have some corn
We found really big mushroom
88 We found really big mushroom
hmmm this much is enuff for me
89 hmmm this much is enuff for me
Wish i had a gass stove
90 Wish i had a gass stove
Rest in Peace, Forever
91 Rest in Peace, Forever
See U Again
92 See U Again
Patrol in the street
93 Patrol in the street

52 thoughts on “Hiking from 108 Kilo to Yarmasing Fort

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  4. Yeah and there is another girl in pic.12. She was really nice to us and even offered a mattress for us to sit, when our van was being repaired.

    wish I could open a girls hostel, educate the girls and teach them to be academically capable and economically independent.

  5. Luna and Juna found new sister there in hiking…

    Guess her name…..!!!!

    I will tell you later.

    For now See pic 39 with red dress gal

  6. hey thanx for appreciating the write-up! i had to do it !
    ani, the pics have really come up nice! especially the flowers, the rarest kinds!, rivers and waterfalls are always great! pic82-really nice photography! ani tyo butterfly capture garna kasto garho paryathyo, hai bhanu dai , job well done though!

  7. Missed this hike 🙁
    Must have been a wonderful hike. Nice Photographs.

    Sense of arrival I felt in pic01 was wonderful. Thank you whoever took that shot.
    Pic33 – nice composition and Pic69 reminded me of a scene from Machu Picchu

    Nice writeup about the colorful Hawks from a non-hawkeye eye. 🙂

    p.s. the rainbow over the hill – thats what I think I missed the most.

  8. @ I_missed_hike – Ya thanks to u too i know who ur pointing to … 😀

    @ Pragya – Well its my hand.. that leech just stuck on my hand but didn’t get the chance to ……

    @ HUNK_GUY – Thanks for saying so .. but its not the photographers who took the shot its the nature itself all the credit goes to the nature itself and its beauty.

  9. Yeah i agree with all whoever liked the pics from this hike..
    lots of Springs.. waterfalls, river.. simply awesome.
    Photographers have captured the real story of the hike this time
    good job guys keep it up

    Write up is also really nice

  10. Hello all,

    Thanks to the team for making the Hike a success.

    Thanks to all for putting wonderful comments regarding the Hike.

    I will like to give special thanks to ‘Juna’ who was our guest in the Hike, for putting precious words from her Diary.

    cheers !!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. oh.. hunk_guy!! dherai na ful hai.. padkelaas.. balloon jastai fuleko chhas..

    la malai chin aba.. ma ko ho?? ma mr shah haina hai.. :mrgreen:

    😈 😈 😈

  12. hoina pal pasale tyo haat hoina sabita lai thaa chaa x jactly

    kun haat hoo

    laughter challange ra comedy cirus ta sabita le heerchee usslai soodnu parchaa

    KUN HAAT HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. All in all, the hike was awesome.
    Series of reasons behind getting late (which was almost mid-nite):

    Reason.No.1: The route was tough itself.
    Reason No.2: The van got sth. stuck in the tyre, so it got delayed due to security compliance.
    Reason No.3: Then there was land-slide so that the hike distance was added by couple of hours, another delay.
    Reason No.4: Eventually, hikers did make the most of their time to cherish the memories and to capture the moment with photosessions and interesting scenes and beauty of nature.

    And Yeah, I remember Sabita’s ghost story of “Yo Hath Ho???” 😈 and the response it got from us. :mrgreen: Guys, despite the delays, I bet all of us now have pretty nice stories and cherished memories out of Yarmasing Hike, Rite?

    So, All is well that ends Well.

  14. ho makalu dai it was late at night

    but all was at sudden , we wud reach home at time if the lanslide had not hit the road……

    leave ko kura chaahe …….. its was hiker wish most of them took but not all…………

    thank u

  15. Dear Makalu,

    This destination was about 108 kilometers from Ktm. There was a land slide on the way , which made us to walk extra 6 kilomiters.Besides we were late leaving KTM. Our driver stopped at Zero Kilo(Sharmila ko Hotel, a regular place) for breakfast. we wasted our 1 hour there as our brekfast was not ready.

    Thanks for the question 😐

  16. guessss hooooooooooo

    i know ur Mr shah

    sale yaha pani malai commnet hanis aakhir lala

    talai face buk ma haanu laa

  17. of course i know ni…………1 baje rati…………..tara gali ta khayena ni…………….rati 12 baje voot jasto ktm ko ek round lagayo hami le……………….but that was fun

  18. maile yo k sunnu pareko..
    madhav .. u like goat..
    afu pani goat .. like pani goat..
    yo ta tesro.. kunni k po bhanchan hoina ra..??

  19. Speechless. Beautiful………….

    Each of the pictures displays equal blend of nature inside. Seems adventurous yet the one not to be missed.
    But , missed it man……

  20. tetro hike garey ra pani u still look very dalle hunk guy … timi dagudda aani hid da gudya jastai dekhin cha …hahahah u still need 100’s of hiking so keep hiking

  21. Wow lovely pics
    missed this one
    20, 21, 33, 34, 51 and 83 nice capture.
    i heard some rumers that u guys returned back really late due to which some even took leave the next day. Can anybody explain the reason behind it

  22. Hey Sab…,

    sure it was best hike so far but do u remember what the time was when u reached ur home??


  23. Nice write up..

    Yamraj: Guptachar…… suva pictures lyaye ho?
    Guotachar: Han Lankesh…..Pictures suva hay.. Pic 20 and 70 . Wow Great shot…

  24. Hey, it seems like the nature beauty have supported the hikers of the day.

    real nice pics and captions…………

  25. thanx sarjan dai for such wonderful hike…………………………….

    i n joyed lot i never walk so much at once in my whole life……………….

    i can say i will nver be afraid to climb shyambu now haha

  26. One of my best hike..
    everyone enjoyed in their own way but for me it was one of its kind 🙂

    Many many thanks to Bhanu dai for calling me @ 6:30 am
    and special thanks to Rachit for letting me in

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