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Hiking from Sisneri to Kaule

Participants: AsimK, AnimeshR (UpasanaR’s brother), DeepakM, ManojR, MamataO, PrajwalS, SiddhantR(UpasanaR’s brother), SurendraA, UpasanaR
Location: Sisneri to Kaule
Date: 08 February 2009
Hike co-ordinater: DeepakM
Departure: 7:00 AM
Report: SiddhantR
Photos: Team
Creative Support: Dijup Tuladhar / Ganesh Thapa

“Valentine’s Day is coming nearer. If I plan to take her to the movies and then dinner, I better start saving now. I wonder what she will give me this time….”
“Ani, you guys still in college, right?” it was Deepak. Coming back to reality, I hurriedly replied “Yeah, St. Joseph College.”
My brother and I were going on a micro van along with 7 enthusiastic hikers from D2hawkeye. I felt a rush of excitement as I realized again, we were going for hiking, thanks to my sister. We were to start our journey from Sishneri till where Ram would drop us on wheels and then we were to reach Kaule on foot, where we were promised to be picked up by him again to go for a good meal. So was the plan. And so we had been traveling on the bus slowly elevating towards our destination. After about an hour we stopped the vehicle beside a small roadside hotel with five star rates, where we fueled ourselves with Chyura, bhuttan and everything that was available there.

Finally we reached our starting point Sishneri. We stretched our arms and legs, breathed some fresh air into our lungs, carried our backpacks with notebooks, pencils and water bottles and started mounting up the hill. The route uphill was narrow and steep. But the view was breathtaking. Believe me everyone was panting with awe. Especially Mamata!!!

After about half an hour we reached the top, Jagare, where we noticed a settlement of several houses and a small school nearby. We went there to distribute the notebooks and pencils to the bewildered kids after taking the permission from a confused teacher. Surendra’s humorous takls lightened everybody’s mood there, and after Manoj took pictures everyone was smiling.

We bid goodbye to the school kids and started heading towards our destination “Kaule”. Leaving human habitation behind, now only nine of us walked the narrow trail. The sun was high, UV protection glasses were out, jackets were peeled off, water bottles were passed around and our real journey began. Gigantic Rocky Mountains surrounded us and a few colorful houses in the distance looked like accessories they wore. The pine trees swayed and cool breeze welcomed us. But the rocks looked least bothered and unmoved by our presence. As we made our way through the dusty bypaths we became more quiet and peaceful. I guess everyone was arrested by the beauty that surrounded us. It made me realize how great an artist god truly is. After what seemed like forever we arrived to the descending part of our journey. The path led inside the needle forest which provided us the much needed shade. The smell in the air was euphoric and raw. And so we trudged down the slippery paths of the forest moving our head from one direction to the other with renewed energy.

Finally we met the highway and we were relieved. We then went to a close-by strawberry farm and treated ourselves with fresh strawberries. By then my stomach was growling and the only thing I could do was eat. Everyone seemed to understand how I felt and so we went to eat at the stone palace restaurant. My appetite was increased even more when I saw the live trout fishes we were about to feed on, swimming in the tank. We even made efforts to catch them ourselves. Slippery creatures were much easier to get hold of when cooked. After an enormous banquet and some chit chat we made our way to the city, singing. The classic songs of Narayan Gopal sung by Surendra, on the way back, were perfect way to end our adventurous day.

In Ram dai`s domain...
01 In Ram dai`s domain…
Alubari ma ho alubarima....
02 Alubari ma ho alubarima….
Lone Rider on the way...
03 Lone Rider on the way…
Getting ready for the hike....
04 Getting ready for the hike….
Naike leads the way...
05 Naike leads the way…
We humbly follow!!!
06 We humbly follow!!!
Working Class Heroes
07 Working Class Heroes
Bird Flu!!!
08 Bird Flu!!!
Have a break
09 Have a break
I`ve got both hands in my pocket....
10 I`ve got both hands in my pocket….
Road to perdition....
11 Road to perdition….
Assorted Hikers...
12 Assorted Hikers…
13 Gravity
Lost in the cities...alone in the hills...
14 Lost in the cities…alone in the hills…
Ramrari padh nu hai
15 Ramrari padh nu hai
D2 ko jay hos!
16 D2 ko jay hos!
Hami Dherai sana chau...
17 Hami Dherai sana chau…
Tare Jameen par
18 Tare Jameen par
Uncanny Ambiance
19 Uncanny Ambiance
Timrai Samjhana ma ...
20 Timrai Samjhana ma …
Nakalli mori
21 Nakalli mori
Naike Dai!!!
22 Naike Dai!!!
Hard to handle
23 Hard to handle
Three Rabbits and a Turtle
24 Three Rabbits and a Turtle
Arms Wide Open
25 Arms Wide Open
Beautiful Mountain afar...
26 Beautiful Mountain afar…
D2`s Hawk!!!
27 D2`s Hawk!!!
Akash ko Faal...akha tari....
28 Akash ko Faal…akha tari….
Surendra happy to be free from pollution......
29 Surendra happy to be free from pollution……
Highway Star
30 Highway Star
Eight minutes to Strike
31 Eight minutes to Strike
32 Topsy-turvy
Lost in Green
33 Lost in Green
Prajwal Uncensored..
34 Prajwal Uncensored..
Spring pushes through the deary winter......
35 Spring pushes through the deary winter……
God`s Workshop
36 God`s Workshop
Spiky pines
37 Spiky pines
Masquerade smirk
38 Masquerade smirk
Our Chef
39 Our Chef
Who`s missing.....
40 Who`s missing…..
Prajwal`s attachment to work!!!
41 Prajwal`s attachment to work!!!
UV Protection - Part 2
42 UV Protection – Part 2
Out from Bush
43 Out from Bush
Three Musketeers!!!
44 Three Musketeers!!!
Down the hills
45 Down the hills
Prajwal contemplating Cricket!!!
46 Prajwal contemplating Cricket!!!
47 Powerless………
Mouthwatering berries
48 Mouthwatering berries
Deepak vying for a career change!!!
49 Deepak vying for a career change!!!
slippery trouts
50 slippery trouts
happy team!!!
51 happy team!!!
Country road take me home....
52 Country road take me home….

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  5. Pic 16. ko caption man parena…. Raja Gyanendra ko desh bhraman ho ki jasto lagyo. 1uta exercise book didai ma Jai gaunu parcha ra…???? 😕

  6. The trail reminded me of SharadP who was crushed on me on the opposite trail! I would like to see him again with same state. How about that?

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    Creative Shot : ‘41 Prajwal`s attachment to work!!!’
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    Well Composed Shots : ‘11 Road to perditio.’, ‘14 Lost in the cities…alone in the hills’ & ‘30 Highway Star’

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