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Hiking from Khokana to Dakshinkali

Title 2012 Jan – Deerwalk Hiking from Khokana to Dakshinkali
Location Khokana to dakshinkali
29 January, 2012
Total Time 08:30 AM to 03:30 PM (7 hrs)
Coordinator Manish Man Singh
Participants Manish Man Singh, Jitendra Bajracharya, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Nisha Sharma Pandit, Aawart Adhikari, Niraj Thapa, Sajjan Shrestha, Bhuwan Shrestha, Aishu Mathema, Suman Shrestha, Rupesh Karki
Photos By Manish Man Singh (Photos: 01-13), Kanchan Raj Pandey (Photos: 14-23), Aawart Adhikari (Photos: 24-33), Bhuwan Shrestha (Photos: 34-37), Niraj Thapa (Photos: 38-47), Sajjan Shrestha (Photos: 48-50), Nisha Sharma Pandit (Photos: 51-61)
Report By Manish Man Singh
Captions Manish Man Singh, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Niraj Thapa, Nisha Pandit, Aawart Adhikari
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey

Manish Man SinghManish Man Singh:
Yet another hiking from Deerwalk (excited for sure) and we all knew for sure that there was something about this hike as we had Shutterbug (AKA Jitendra Bajracharya) with us on the hike. Khokana, a traditional and tiny Newari village eight kilometers south of Kathmandu (on the outskirts of Patan), which has its own history and has retained its tradition and culture.This village was not far from Kathmandu but surely had lots for the photographers.

Shutterbug started with a team briefing about Khokana. It was morning around 9 AM where most of the people were enjoying the warmth of the sun and women sitting outside spinning, men crushing seeds, and other daily activities.The village is famous for its unusual mustard-oil harvesting process in which a heavy wooden beam is used to crush the mustard seeds in order to extract the oil.Khokana is a unique village which can be taken as a model of a medieval settlement pattern with a system of drainage and chowks. It houses chaityas and a Mother Goddess temple. The most amazing part is that we also saw the first house in Nepal where electricity was provided.Those that visit Nepal for the sheer experience of learning more about the lives and cultures of the local peoples will usually enjoy visiting even the simplest little farming village and getting to know the local inhabitants better. Clearly, Khokana does have something to offer – even if it will only keep you busy for a few hours.

Kanchan Raj Pandey Kanchan Raj Pandey:
This sunday deerwalk hike was totally different from other hike. Shutter Bug (Jitendra Bajracharya) was with us to share his views about photography. We started our hike from Khokana which was about 6/7 kilometers from Kathmandu city limit (ring road) to the south in the lalitpur district lies the village of Khokana (Tipical Newari Village). Khokana is very good place for Photo Session. We learned some tips and tricks about photography.

Perfect way to promote village tourism of this country. Thanks to the team.

Aawat Adhikari Aawat Adhikari:
Apart from other regular hike from Deerwalk, this was very different and special one. We had Jitendra Bajracharya and Aishu Mathema, renowned Photojournalist of Nepal, in our Hike team. Got to learn more Photography skills and the way to Interact with local peoples from them. They shared their professional mantras which I will always remember before taking any shots. And from this hike, also I knew few and interesting stuffs about Historical Khokana and Pharping, It was like time travelling to the Past.

Niraj Thapa Niraj Thapa:
Hike from Deerwalk has always been a great experience. Besides that, the hike from Khokana to Farping which extended to Dakshinkali was organized as Outdoor Photography Training Session provided from the institute guided by Shutter Bug (Jitendra Bajracharya). So with refreshment and fun being there, it was much more educational and knowledgeable.
Thanks to everyone.

Nisha Sharma Pandit Nisha Sharma Pandit:
This hiking was very exciting and special for me because it was a photography hiking.I got a chance to know the lifestyle of the people of Khokana, Brick factory and people suffering from leprosy which is very heart touching. Also i visited the 1st power house Nepal (2nd power house of Asia) Chandrajyoti Jalvidyut, still running in its 101 years it is just amazing. Altogether, it was tremendous hiking!

I want to thank Deerwalk and Jitendra Bajracharya for providing us the great opportunity to learn a lot about Photography skills.

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  4. Thank you Jitendra dai for your remarks.
    What really helped me after this photography session was the view that one photographer must have.
    I learned this while the outdoor session we had.. its amazing how we see things differently through the eyes of the lense….

  5. As a Photography Trainer I must pat on my back to see these beautiful photos from Photography Hike to Khokana to Dashinkali here in EU. Thanks to Surendra ji , Sachin an Manish for their initiation to make this workshop happens. We hope this workshop encouraged you all to see the world around you in creative perspective as a photographer. I enjoyed the all moments of this photography hike and sharing my photography expertise during the workshop. As I always stress, ‘Stay Hungry, and Keep Clicking’. More you click more you learn and more you start to LIVE your LIFE.

    Here are few remarks I would like to make on photos above.
    Photo 02: Creative perspective certainly.
    Photo 04: Right click on right time, nice composition
    Photo 05: Beautiful portrait of mother and baby.
    Photo 10: Beautiful composition.
    Photo 11: Mystic Morning, love the mood it has.
    Photo 12: Powerful portrait I must say.
    Photo 13: Good composition and wish we could tell the story behind this person.
    Photo 25: Hilarious capture and make me smile.
    Photo 46: Unique perspective, definitely a photographer’s eye.
    Photo 54: Well composed.

    It’s been quite a while I stopped commenting here in EU, I used to be a regular photo commentator. So, I am feeling bit nostalgic at this moment. I have learnt a lot while I comment on other’s photos and I made my strong niche as a Shutterbug from Everest Uncensored. I remain the same one.

  6. Namaste and hello to the Administrator, the Khokana Hikers and all the other -walkers.

    I´ve found your website in the net searching for informations and pictures of the cultural and religious art and architecture of the Kathmandu Valley. 15 years ago I visited Nepal for the first time. Beside trekking I learned loving the people of the valley and their culture. Since then I went to Nepal eight times. Because I´m retired I have enough time to deal with this subject.

    At the moment I´m planning and developing a website with this topic. A first draft you can find under The main purpose is to emphasize the rural and less known religious structures (temples, shrines, chaityas etc.) beside the well known World Heritage Sites in the cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur.

    On my GOOGLE-way through the jungle of informations and pictures I also found your website and I was pleased about the combination of nature (HIKING) and culture (LIFE IN NEPAL). Your EU is a very attractive and professional site.

    And now my request :

    Do you allow me using some of your pictures ? In this case I will cite you as the owner of the fotos with or with the more exact address of the picture. The most problem I have with subjects published without any details e.g. the name and location of the items. Perhaps it would be nice if some hikers remember me on their next trip through the valley and shoot some special pictures for my web presentation.

    I hope to visit Nepal in october this year and have enough time hiking and walking through the rural sites of the valley. It would be nice and perhaps helpful to get some reactions on this letter.

    With best regards

    Friedhelm from Germany

    PS : Friedhelm means something like “peace helmet”.

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