Namo Buddha Hiking

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ROUTEPanauti > Namo Buddha
DATEDec 31, 2017
COORDINATORRiwaj Chalise and Sanjay Sanjel
PARTICIPANTSAlisha Jabegu, Anuska Shrestha, Bigyan Paudel, Isha Shrestha, Ishwor Paudel, Nikesh Kalu, Pankaj KC, Prepesh Tuladhar, Rajat Raj Joshi, Riwaj Chalise, Sanjay Sanjel, Shreejan Pandey , Shreya Sapkota, Sudarshan Dhakal, Sunita Kunwar and Tayouth Malla
REPORT BYNikesh Kalu and Shreejan Pandey
PHOTOS BYRiwaj Chalise

Nikesh KaluNikesh Kalu

On 31st December, 2017 DWIT hiking club organized one day hike to Namo Buddha via Panauti. 17 of us gathered at deerwalk complex at 6:30 am but we left the college premises by 7 am. After an hour of drive from Deerwalk complex we had our breakfast on the way to Panauti. College van dropped us at Panauti and our hike begun.

Our journey started via pitch road with enthusiasm.

As it was winter season, we found many oranges farm.

As it was winter season, we found many oranges farm. We bought some of them, ate them and continued for our hike. It was really fun as we were cracking jokes. We decided to take alternate hill route leaving the pitch road. We walked through the hills for about an hour and finally we reached the destination at about 1 pm. The panoramic views of the mountains are out of my words. We clicked some pictured, visited monastery and worshiped god. We had our snacks at Namo Buddha with the panoramic view of mountain surrounding us. Finally, we walked downhill from monastery to reach our pick up point.

We drove back to Kathmandu and had a dinner at local restaurant. We went back to our home. I can gladly say that this was one of the memorable hike.

Shreejan PandeyShreejan Pandey

On December 31, hiking club organized a one-day hike from Panauti to Namo Buddha a Tibetan Buddhist monastery about 40 km southeast from Kathmandu valley. All the hikers gathered inside the Deerwalk complex at around 7 AM and then we began our journey with lots of excitement and hope for an awesome day. The coordinator distributed some snacks to each of the hikers so as to carry it. At Banepa we had our breakfast and tea for a quick boost and continued our journey. After an hour we finally reached to Panauti from where our expedition began. Before the expedition, coordinator Riwaj Chalise provided us a quick brief about the hike.

The hike started around 8:30 AM and the initial phase of the journey while walking through the road beside the river and the rice field gave us the feeling of a fresh start to the hike. The road was as smooth as silk and walking through it was something uncommon to many of us who lives in the Kathmandu valley. On walking about an hour, we reached Shyampati VDC.

From there on we had to climb to the hill. We decided to take shorter, much diffcult route to get straight to the top of the by climbing through the trees to the top. It initially was a difficult task for all the hikers but after some climb everyone got the basic idea of climbing and everyone start to enjoy the climb. Around 12 PM, we were at Namo Buddha and we stopped for cold drinks, biscuits and other snacks.

We then went to the Thrangu Tashi Yangtse which was one of the best monastery in terms of art, locations and other factors that I have visited.

We then went to the Thrangu Tashi Yangtse which was one of the best monastery in terms of art, locations and other factors that I have visited. After spending around 2 hours roaming around the monastery and some of the nearby hills the van arrived at the gate of the monastery. On our way back, we witnessed the beautiful greenery which is a significant part of the Nepal beauty.

A delicious Thakali dinner at Chabahil marked the end of this adventurous and unforgettable event.

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