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Zip Ride

Zip Ride

476. Zip Ride
Photo By: Bhanu Chalise
Posted Date: 25th October, 2010
Location: Tanahu


Carrying people in all the space available of a vehicle can mean many reasons like:
1. Lawlessness
2. Increase in demand for vehicles
3. Lack of consumer’s rights
4. Cause of RTA(Road Traffic Accidents).
5. The woman in red and the eggs she is carrying both are in equal risk.

This sort of image can be seen around almost any place in country during festivals like Dashain and Deepawali.

I saw it and clicked one. It was some place in terai, took the image from vehicle I was riding.

Camera specification: Canon PowerShot G9
Shutter speed:1/320 sec
Aperture: F/4.8
FL: 44 mm
ISO: 200