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Aneesh Lohani


You and I will Together Shine

See the foreground: dark, barren and grey

A stockpile of hue: scattered astray

Could be a war, an awakening, defiance or play

Welcome home: good to see you today


Look around you, but try not to glare

Panorama is horrific; aesthetics is rare

Empathy is now a stranger, so be aware

Trust only yourself – you’re the only one fair


There are no starry nights, not since they strayed

The last breath of symphony is miles away

Friends turned foes: it’s been like this for days

No basking in the moonlight, not with you anyway


They say you betrayed them; put them on a spell

Your veneer of friendship was just another shell

A façade, a persona you feigned so well

All those lost years in the outskirts of hell


They say you got rotund, but emaciated they stayed

You didn’t notice, didn’t ask, nor cared

Rich were your wells, but you didn’t share

And, left them in thirst! But, they are now aware


I am glad my friends that you are now aware

But, drop the grudges, bitterness, hatred and swear

My wells were there, but no drinks to spare

Those tears of my little ones I could not bear


This life of bustles, clamor and polluted air

Made me rotund and ruined in health and care

But, now I am aware, and have begun to care

And willing and wise to create a haven for you out there


Uncertain, this life: eternity escaped in lowly affairs

But, we are innocent of our forebears

We hail from the desert, you and me here

Hopes of plantations were never there


Unblessed and barren: this land of ours

Left unattended by the masters in high towers

Are for us to build for days and hours

This garden of variegated flowers


Come, my friends, starry nights will shine

Again for you and I to refine

The symphony and beats of our chorused rhymes

A plantation for all – for eternal times


In empathy we will now trust as fair

The celebrated virtue of our lair

Panorama of hope and solidarity divine

Our aesthetic foreground will eternally shine

You and I will together shine

You and I will together shine