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Why Nepal should go open source?

Most open source softwares can be downloaded from Internet. Most of them come with source code and relaxed license. For developers it is source code, for system admin it is stable and secure. For commoners it is free to download and use. Most of the open source softwares do not provide good features, many of them are difficult to use, and poor in GUI. And surely most of staffs would like to see full featured GUI in their workstations. But for Nepalese entrepreneurs open source could mean saving …

…some money. How? First lets see how licensed software like Microsoft’s product works. You buy Windows workstation thats first license, then you buy Windows servers that second license. Now you are ready to roll right. Wait. You can not connect workstations to your servers. You need to pay an extra money for CAL. More you set up Windows server, more you end up paying Bill Gates. Good for him. CAL is not a software so don’t pay for it. How? Replace all your Windows servers with open source servers. This is where entrepreneurs can save money. Yes there are few skilled IT professionals out there who can design and maintain the open source software. But once businessmen come forward, the skilled professionals starts rolling. Go for open source.