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Why I love My Country..

1.When something goes wrong. Blame others.
Bloody Aeronautical Engineers made mistake and poor Goat got sacrified (story of Nepal Airlines)
2.When There are series of bomb blast in kathmandu killing few people and injuring a lot. Nothing
had been invistigated till now. Cause Criminals are amoung Politicians.
3.Be in Queue for several hours for Petrol and couldn’t get a drop of it. Cause there is no queue for
higher level people.Law makers are Law Breakers.
4. We are the second richest contry in Water resources but there is always power cut even in rainy season.
5. Anyone can call Nepal Band for no reason. And surprisingly it get always huge success and people of Nepal
even don’t know who called band and for what reason.
6. People of Nepal are least bother about contributing to Flood relief people but much interested in Indian Ideal
Prasant Tamang and contributing money to make him Win.