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Who is this guy Hari Shrestha?

Out of no where fellow named Hari Shrestha popped up in the Nepali media world. I am sure this guy has some money in the Bank. We never heard his name in the media and to everyone’s surprise he started a media house called “Dhumbarahi” and hired all ex-Kantipur veterans like Prateek Pradhan, Nayayan Wagle and Ameet Dhakal. Prateek is now the executive director of the media house, Narayan is editor of Dainikee (www.dainikee.com) and Ameet is editor of Republica (www.myrepublica.com). Online versions of these newspapers  are out and paper versions are due soon. What I am surprised is that, in Nepal, people think they can do any business if they have money. No experience required? How could Hari Shreshta be the chairman of the media house with no prior experince in the field of media. Maybe he has; who knows? If not, how could he understand the pains of of all those media workers in his company. I am amazed and all the best to this new media house! I feel bad for hard working people like Prateek and Narayan that they work hard for a media house; promote it and end up leaving the house with no equity. That’s what it happened in Kantupur house. Gyawali and Sirohiya had 100% equity and hard working people left the house with no equity. And now they are again starting from zero for this Shrestha guy who owns 100% equity.

In Nepla, we need to sort of stop the tradition of starting a business at the strengh of mere bank account and connection to politicians. For any business to succeed, the founder(s) needs to know the bsuiness deep. Many bsuinesses in Nepal are started “junping on the bandwagon” fashion and many therefore fail miserably.