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Who is the most stupid?

People were free like bird, every door used to be open, give a heartily welcome to the visitors, a respect in the air, etc etc;  my Grand ma used to tell me those fairy tales. But ever since I remember I have only heard voices like “Marichman lai Fasi De” and “Loktantra JindaBad“. Then came the uncountable numbers of people murdered in Kapilvastu. We also hear children being kidnapped and thrown mercilessly here and there. But I still can’t figure out where this nation is heading towards? People are talking about their rights … their rights to do what? To kill others, to behave like uncivilized wild beast or to join hands and help each other to step forward and build this nation??? May be I am talking like an Idiot, why? Because everybody knows this fact. Everybody knows what is right and what is wrong. But still it’s all in talk. Just like everybody else, I know I can blabber on this on and on, but what’s the use? Just some useless, unwanted talks!

But again, are we so insensitive on this matter? Are we going to talk and do nothing for this nation? Lots of questions popping in my mind. Ahh!! useless thoughts!! I being a citizen of this country should know and act on its situations. And who is going to give substance to our voice? Obviously our leaders, our Nation builders, our heroes or let’s say our politicians. But I am not into this politics. I am an ordinary man and don’t really give much a thought to these things, but still shouldn’t I be a part of it? My voice should be heard and I have to convey my thoughts.

Okey lots of useless gyans I have talked about. Now let’s come to the point, I find this poll “Who is the most STUPID ?”

There might come various names also like Ramesh, Shamesh, Ram, Shaym, etc etc but who will know these bunch of unknown Stupids? So let’s talk about the big names, the names who run our country (directly or indirectly), the names you can hear from every media (national or international), every citizen (Brahmin or Sudhra), or even in every place (Kathmandu or Humla). Let’s talk about our nation builders. So why are they stupid? Big question. Who said they are stupid? No they are not. They have collected enough treasure for the ten’s of generation and still collecting.

In context of Nepalese Politics, these politic leaders play a huge role in driving Nepal forward direction. To decide who is the most stupid leader of Nepal, 103 individuals casted their vote in the poll hosted by EU. And the poll showed Prachanda, the leader of CPM UML Maoist, as the unanimous winner with 40% in his favor. Our first runner up is Mr. Gyanendra with 23%, and Sher Bahadur Deuba with 17% securing third position. Mr. Girija Prasad with 13% and Mr. Madhav Kumar with 7% shares the last position.


Pool Result of Most Stupid

I don’t know on what basis participants voted, their state of mind for the definition of stupidity might be different. But one thing is for sure, all of them are stupid. Stupid not to help each other to make this nation smile. Stupid not to work together for the betterment of the citizens of Nepal. Stupid not to put hand in hand to fulfill the dreams of our ancestors, our dreams of better future.

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