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Who are you?

I was busy working with my stuffs in the morning and heard knocking on the door.

knock!!! knock!!! knock!!!

With some hesitation, I reached to the door to see an old fellow. He asked me “Who are you?”. I was almost puzzled.  “You are coming to my residence and yourself asking who are you?”, I replied. He was neither moving nor taking his question back. He was repeatedly asking the same question. With much reluctant, I replied “I am …. at … company”. He smiled and questioned again ” Who are you?”. This time, I was really fed up and shut the door. He did not move and was continuously knocking at the door.

After a long pause, I calmed down myself and opened the door again. This time he explained ” You said what you do these days as your major profession. But, you did not answer my question. Who are you really?”. I thought I understood what he was asking and detailed out ” My name is …., the son of … from … and currently working as … at … company. Are you satisfied?”. He smiled but did not accept my answer. He remained at the door waiting for my next answer. I could not answer any more and shut the door.

After a while I went to the door to see whether he was there or not. He was still there. He explained “You just added your name and name of some of your relatives to your profession. Is that you?.” I screamed  “Oh my god!!! What a puzzle. I could not answer. I give up, you answer me who I am.”  He calmly staid there for a minute or so and went away saying ” Find out who you are. Is your career really you or your links with the relatives or with your name is you or you have something different to say who you are….”.

I could not really answer the question and even do not like to answer this psycho. Will you try?