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Ravi Sharma


Walk of life

There are ups and downs in life. Life is a busy road and we try to go by. Some find it really complicated to cross it whereas some find it interesting and challenging one. While the other find it impossible and they give up. ‘Life is learning process’ we learn by our doings, by seeing others doing .Some learn from books and never give it a try. If I define the meaning of life then I might be wrong, everyone has their own way of living.

In every walk of life, every moment we come across with lots of hurdles, challenges, fun and lot more. If there are no challenges, no questions, no fun, no excitements then, life won’t be as beautiful as we imagine it to be. There are people who say – “Sitting silently doing nothing” this is the art of living. How can it be the art of living? Doing nothing means there is no action, no creativity and how can we define it as art?

If we go to the outer space and look at the planet earth, what we find is every species and every organism living in the planet are struggling for the survival. Some are busy in feeding its brood, some are building nests, some are having food, and so on. We humans are busy in carrying out daily activities. We are in a rush for completing the task. To me walk of life is just like a person in the middle of the road wondering to move backward or forward, and making the right choice; if he moved towards the back he gets backside and if he advance he reach ahead. There no difference in two moves. Both of them move. Both reach to their destination. So, life is nothing more than the gap between the two people’s decision and their destination. How they reach to the next side. What they do to reach the next side that is life.
Every day we come across the same situation. We complete one and by the time we have completed it there comes another one, it goes on and on. This is the walk of life.