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Voter’s Block


“For the Youth, To the Youth and By the Youth” It is not enough to announce the elections. It is not even enough to hold the elections. People must be encouraged to vote, to be educated about their rights and the agendas of the candidates. But even this might not result in the ideal number of the voting population. Disparity will always exist between the ideal situation and reality.So Jimmy Carter and the son of the former Japanese Prime Minister, Hashimoto, are said to visit Nepal to observe the constituent elections, along with a host of other foreign dignitaries. This does not mean much if the people cannot still decide on which candidate to vote for or if they should vote at all. It doesn’t mean anything if the conditions are not conducive for voters. It will not mean anything if those voters who turn out feel threatened, forced or bought to vote for certain candidates.Young Nepalis are of the conviction that they have the responsibility to vote but with so many years of government mismanagement and continued violence by the Maoists, the fragile flame of hope could blow out without notice. Many feel that it is more a choice between the bad and the worse. It will take a lot more than just announcing election dates to win the people’s trust. It will take more than just winning the votes for the people to have faith in the elected constituent members.
Every year, we’ve strung along, believing that things couldn’t get any worse, that this is as bad as it can get. All hopes are pinned on the elections right now. Maybe, after that, we’ll have a government that actually cares enough to act in the interest of the people. We’ve been a nation of “bholibaad” for so long. Maybe then, we’ll learn to focus on “aaja.”Author has worked as desk editor for Nepali Times and currently writes for The Vista.