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Unabsorbed Energy

When I complete my assignment,
When I impress others with my skills,
When I work hard and get nice rewards,
A new energetic wave travels inside me,
Happily unstabilizing my normal emotions.

At such time,
I desperately feel like –
If I had my betterhalf here,
How much I would hug her!
How tight I would hold her with my arms!
How much heavenly I would feel being with her!!!!

I live distance too far away.
Sad I feel,
Missing her in sharing this energy.
How beautiful my mind would have been,
Had I my Juliet here to radiate my energy upon!

God! Please help me make my mind beautiful.
Bringing to me my sweartheart-
For the sake of my unabsorbed energy.
For the sake of fixing a bug residing in a beautiful mind.