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Aarju Pandey


Two Worlds


Two worlds

In one skyscrapers define the horizon

In the other peaks jut out of thick morning fog

In one paved roads snake through the busy city

In the other gravel crunches under my shoes


She came long ago

Leaving one world behind for another

She set foot in strange soil

Tears still stained her face


He came long ago

Ambitious and ready to see the new world

He too left that old world

Excited to discover a new one


Two worlds

One holds my home

The other has the love of family

One is prospering

The other breeds poverty


I am from both worlds

I am from bold and silent mountains

And bright city lights

I am from a country rich in tradition

And a country that gave me a chance


I am a part of a village nestled in the hills

I am part of a city perched on the shore

The Atlantic and the Pacific


Torn between two worlds

Two worlds close to me

Two worlds a part of me