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Trip to Taj Mahal

Our plan to go for Agra tour postponed twice but this time all of us decided to make it anyway. As the vehicle arrived sharp at 5:00 am, we all were in a hurry to be freshening up. After a long period, all of us wake up so early in the morning. Then we rushed outside the apartment and the weather was too chill. We get our self inside the vehicle in no time. As soon as our journey began we felt relax and enjoyed to watch the morning view, sun-rise and misty weather on our way. It’s around 280 KM from Gurgaon to Agra and while we are heading towards our destination some of us fell asleep inside the vehicle.

After one and half hour of drive we stopped in, so called “Pappu Dhaba” in the middle of highway. We had our breakfast in the form of Alu Paratha and some vegetables. It became a nice rest in that “Dhaba”. Then we first moved to the birthplace of lord Krishna “Mathura Vrindawan”

Trip to Mathura
 “The city of Mathura is located in the western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh, in the northern region of India. It is situated on the bank of the river Yamuna. Mathura is 150 km south of Delhi and 50 km northwest of Agra. It is an important pilgrim place of the Hindus and one of the seven sacred cities in India.”

After exploring the “Mathura Vrindawan”, we straightly headed towards Agra. Still it was a long way to go, so we utilized our time capturing some memorable photographs. Finally we reached to Agra and we caught the sight of Taj Mahal through the vehicle window on the way. Now everybody is excited. Vehicle stopped in parking area. Among number of options to get into the Taj Mahal like “tempo” “horse” and “camel”, we opted a camel-ride. Now in the entrance queue was very long, we waited for a long time and finally we entered inside the “Taj Mahal”. An Ultimate Monument of Love, One of the 8th Wonder of the World stunned all of us.

Trip to Taj Mahal
 “For centuries, the Taj Mahal has inspired poets, painters and musicians to try and capture its elusive magic in word, colour and song. It is one of the most flawless architectural creations of the world. Since the 17th century, travellers have crossed continents to come and see this ultimate memorial to love, and few have been unmoved by its incomparable beauty.”

Now it’s already 4:30 pm and we are late for our next destination “Fatehpur Sikri” but we had decided to visit there anyhow. Let’s go guys. 40 km from Agra stands Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s capital. It’s already dark now. Nothing could stop us and finally we reached “Fatehpur Sikri”, took some snaps though its darkness and tried to wrap up the last destination quickly.

Trip to Fatehpur Sikri
“The city of Fatehpur Sikri is located at a distance of 40 km from Agra. According to legend, the Emperor Akbar, who did not have a male heir, was delighted when a son was born to him after he made a pilgrimage to visit the Sufi saint Sheikh Salim Chisti. To commemorate this event he decided to name his son Salim (later known as Jahangir) and to build a perfect city to honour the Saint.”

Its 7:30 pm when we ended up our unforgettable tour. Now it’s time to go home. Taking dinner in the middle of the way, watching movie on the vehicle, crossing lots of traffic jam we finally reached our apartment at 11pm.

Some picture we would like to share:

1 Ready for the Trip

2 Good morning

3 Crossing the Delhi Border

4 Gathering energy for the day

5 Ready for the trip

6 Brinda Ban Temple

7 Collected items

8 Back view of Brinda Ban Temple

9 Famous Mathura’s peda

10 Tea in a thousand year traditional mud pot

11 Camel Riding

12 Beware- Its good to buy where your vehicale is parked rather then where cart driver informs you to buy.

13 Back to this entrance is the wonder of the world

14 Wonder of the World

15 It felt good to walk bare foot on those hundreds years old wonder marble

16 Close view

17 Finger went on clicking this marvelous wonder.

18 Side View

19 Made by Khurram (Shahjahan) for his beloved Queen Arjuman Bano Begum (Mumtaz Mahal)

20 Yamuna River

21 One pillar from the four

22 Inside that room is the TOMB of Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal

23 They were saying- Awesome, My trip is worth full. Now I knew why it is wonder of the world.

24 They stayed 4 hour and wanted more…

25 Our team

26 Their ancestor built the Taj Mahal

27 South Gate

28 One more view of…

29 Sun set but next journy to the Fatehpur sikri started

30 Fatehpur sikri

31 Salim Chisti’s Tomb

32 Highest gate in South asia built by Akabar

33 Entrance

34 While returing Back

 Caption: Nishchal, Naresh, Pradeep
Creative support: Naresh
Photography: Nishchal