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Aarju Pandey


This I Believe – Listening

I believe in mental growth through listening. I believe that I can grow in terms of knowledge and experience when I listen. Listening is learning, whether it is listening to my teacher lecture about civil rights or listening to my grandma tell stories about her childhood in Nepal. Listening is, for me, to hear someone’s beliefs and incorporate them into my daily life. I believe that I can become more experienced in life and change my approach towards the ups and downs in life if I listen to …

other’s ideas and thoughts.
I have been told that listening is more valuable than talking. It took me years to actually understand that. When I listen, I discover new concepts; I see life in a new light. When I talk I am simply saying my ideas and not learning anything at all. Everyone listens every day, but it is one thing to let the words go through one ear and out the other and another thing to truly understand what someone is trying to say. When I listen to my grandma and parents tell stories about the poverty in Nepal where they grew up, it makes me think just how lucky I am to have all these opportunities, here in America when people in other places are starving and very poor. This type of listening helps me view life in a new way and helps me try to make the most of my life by working hard and taking full advantage of the opportunities. My mother and father have really shaped my beliefs in many ways. They have worked extremely hard in Nepal in order to come to America and achieve the success that they have today. If my father had taken one different step, I would be farming in the fields of rural Nepal right now. Listening to these experiences really shapes the way I think today.
Listening in my classes is very valuable as well; when I listen in class I learn new things about history, math, science, and the list goes on. In school listening can be just the facts and theory or values that can mold your lifestyle. For example in math I learn theory and the way numbers work, whereas in social studies I learn about school desegregation, the civil rights and the kind of community and courage the African-American people had. These values that I learn from people in history are very significant in changing the way I think from day to day; I think you can learn many new things everyday through listening.
In conclusion, listening has shaped and molded my thinking and experience in many ways. When I listen, I experience different thoughts and contrasting ideas, which is a great learning experience. Listening can help you be open to all kinds of people and help you understand people’s ideas as well as help your thinking mature. I believe in the power of listening. I believe in mental growth through listening.