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The lost City of Angels

The City of Angels lost for eternity,
A mock for Aadi Kabi’s hallowed Alkapuri.
The City of Angels gone astray.


Gone are the days of harmonious milieu
Times when angels glided with the cool breeze;
The aroma of fresh leaves and flowers;
The blushing eastern sky at the sunrise.
I seek the paradise in the mirage of my reverie;
of vivid landscape embraced by majestic mountains.
The panorama fading into horizon;
the seek lost in vain.
The City of Angels lost in eternity.


Is this my blurred vision?
I see the fire painted bloody sky;
Winter with the noxious fog of smoke and dusts.
Relentlessly, I inhale the toxic gust of air;
Mortified for every moment I breathe in;
Mortified for every moment I gulp the venomous tear;
Blazing like an effigy of regression;
Burning into ash and dust, I see
The City of Angels lost with whiff of smoke.


Invaded by fiend and zombie,
buried by their peccadillo,
The City of Angles vanished forever.
The City of Angles lost forever.