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The foggy morning, anyway it won’t be that cold in the day.


The alarm in my mobile woke me up at 5:30 am. From many days I was thinking of going for a morning walk and finally I managed to do it today but in a different way. Suddenly an idea came in to my mind that I will walk up to my office (Dhumbaraahi to Hattisar) and it will work in both ways. I smiled and went to the bath room, took a passport size bath and I was ready in 30 mins.

When I came to the road, it was too cold and fug everywhere. Again another idea came into my mind to shot the beautiful(?) fog. I took out my camera from the bag, set the aperture to f/4.5, shutter speed to 1/20 and rotate the wheel to set the WB to cloudy mode and took the shot and here it is. I have no idea why I chose those settings I a beginner in photography world. It just came in to my mind. May be shutter speed was too slow. Still there is no noticeable blur in the shot, it may be due to the image stabilizer in my DSC-H50 or I am good to hold the camera still at that speed.

Now I’m thinking of doing this photo walk every morning up to my office so that I can improve my photography skill and may be some day I’ll catch a award-winning sun rise shot on the way. Let’s see if I managed to do it tomorrow too.