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Since a flowers has been blossoming and a drop of blood dropped. The life has been like a hell completely and most incompletely a tragedy life. It cannot be said whether I made this like as it is going on or god made me do so. Mysteriously, life is passing on and I am walking by the side of it as a lame. Do I know everything? Or just I am ignoring all the things which I know. I thought and had a wish to write many things both good and bad, happy and sad stories. But I don’t think I will be capable or am capable of writing it. Coz years have passed and I am there just alone standing. In fact crawling to get up and stand straight to fight over this world. To get revoluted and to revolute this world. It is there, a courage of Hope. I hate it calling a hope. Rather said it cowardness. Yes there won’t be a better word than this. I think I have been and had been made as coward. A word without meaning and a meaningless definition. Ya, it is like a meaningless song without music and a book without words and letter. It’s like a blank page. No smell of Power and just a rotten dream. It can be called as a cruelty of humankind to next human blood. A Person without a breathe. Indeed A DEAD MEAT’s STORY.