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Thakur Dai leaves for Emrika

On Tuesday, January 6, 2009, Thakur Dai invited his colleagues for a cocktail dinner at the Delicatessen Center, Kantipath. He is leaving D2 Nepal Office and joining the D2 Boston Office. The lavish party that he threw was a blast:

  • The karaoke songs were comforting. It was great to listen to old Nepali and Hindi numbers.
  • The food was appetizing and the drinks were soothing. The bar was literally open.
  • The dances were ecstatic: mixture of folk, ballroom, hip hop and ‘drunk-trot’.

Thakur Dai dedicated the song “chalte, chalte, mere ye geet, yaad rakhanaa; kabhi albidaa naa kehnaa, kabhi albidaa naa kehnaa”. His song, and his contributions to D2 Nepal, will be remembered.

Thanks to Vishnu Dai for his coordination – his ‘khelaa’.

All attendees thoroughly enjoyed the evening and Thakur Dai is sure to be missed very much in Nepal. Our warm wishes are with him.

(Pictures by Dilip Dai and Subin. Sorry, no captions; the pictures speak for themselves.)