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I tried a lot but i failed.
I guess failure is the only good friend of mine. As i saw her, i always get stubborned. My words vanished somewhere. and when i m alone, I revolved round that idea. Things have changed a lot. I had started walking a good way. But i don’t know why i can’t say it to her.
For world i can express all the things. but when it comes about the matter of heart. I really can’t insist my steps to take a further more steps.

I feel her around everything. Someone among u might have been thinking that i might have lost my brain, but thats not the reality.
First i thought it was some kind of bulky attraction. but when did these attaction changed in love. i have no perfect idea.
I had prayed a lot to God that i might, one day speak to her and tell the feelings. Life is always a pleasant things to be with . and when the thoughts of her come to mind, then its like paradise everywhere.

I talked to her a week ago and she was quiet. There were the drops of tears around her cheeks. she didn’t tell me anything. but just gave a hug and went away. It makes my heart cry. I was willing to console her but she went away. Next day she called me and asked me to come to her in house.
I went by her side. still the tears were there. she just hugged me and cried a lot. Finally handed me a rose and a card and told me to open it after a week. and say a goodbye words.

I was confused.but couldn’t say anything.
After that day. neither she called me and nor rang me up for a week. After a week i opened the card.

she wrote,”

Dear ……,
I would have gone too far from u when u read this letter. did u remember when we used to say, “friendship is that thing which is bounded by a bond of love”. Almighty know that how much i had love u and will be loving u forever. . U r really a best friend to be with. i still remember those day when we used to fight. and that wound when i fall down in stairs. u were really tensed when i was sick for a week. and those days when we used to bunk the class together. and that coffe shop where we met for a first time. god! i thougt i had met with the perfect hooligans that day. but u were so kind later.
I will be really missing all those moments.
Ok darling. now time to say a goodbye. I won’t be there to cry with u anymore. I won’t be there to console u when u r in pain. God had done different planning for me.now I will be seeing u above from the sky.
Doctors told me that i had just a few hours left. I m sorry i didn’t told u these things. and i know u will never forgive me for this.
I also know that u had loved me a lot though u never had told to me. I saw the cards in ur room but couldn’t speak to u. I thought it will be just a pain as i won’t be here for more. darling i love u a lot.
now! please don’t cry and give me a smile. i know u smoke behind me and also drink. plz don’t smoke too much and plz leave drinking. i have always been a wellwisher for u and will be forever. plz leave those habits. don’t u want to see me happy. now cheer up. and get ready for coffe. for me 2 spoons of sugar.
love u forever.


I cried a lot. I cried like crazy. i wanted to tell her that how much i love her.

but now the time had changed. she had told me to smile and laugh. after all she was the one who taught to laugh and cheer-up.
those two tiny eyes. and those silky hairs. she was the goddess.
i still remember her words, ” Oei! kohi bhetiyena bhane ma timro budhi banidiula, yesari nakkali haruko ko pachhi nalaga”.

God! i need her.
Plz take me to her. God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

———————-end of statement—————————-.

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