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Team Building at Nagarkot – Recollections

Hmm.. it’s almost been a month since we at Data analytics team had gone for our Q2 team building and all thanks to our ever-hardworking managers who earned their bonuses and generously shared it with the rest of the team. From that we had a FESTIVAL not just any other team building party usually ending up in dance and booze.   

It was one of the most enjoyable fellowship exercises in recent times. Our DOE had asked the team to come up with polls and games for the outing and that was when it became decidedly different. Then we formed the event co-ordinators’ team and squeezed in time from our busy schedules to plan for the event. We arranged for Polls, fun games and workshop on 3Ps to give it a touch of formal gathering.

Under Polls, we came up with 8 categories: Best Dressed (Male/Female), Entertainer, Most likely to get married next, Coolest hairstyle, Who needs to come out of his/her shell the most?, Most promising manager and Most promising new comer. The ballots were distributed in the team to cast their votes for their favorite candidate. The results were kept extra secret by Ashay until the announcements. In addition to the polls, we also arranged for quick questionnaires to test how much each cluster leader knew his/her teammates. The responses were amazing; all leaders knew their teammates quite well. The next was the workshop on 3Ps; it was intended to bring out all the silent opinions from the team mates who are on the silent side during team meetings.  

all in all, i personally feel this party that we had was indeed a team building part in true sense. We just didnt dance around to the same old tunes and returned home feeling no more connected to the team than before the party. The whole team actively participated in all the events with full enthusiasm and returned home more content.

Recollections from AshayT:

The actual outing started late in the afternoon on Friday, September 12, 2008. The team got to Hotel Country Villa, Nagarkot in four different trips. The first trip left at around 4 and got to the Hotel at around 6. Then they waited, and waited and then waited some more. The rest of the team, bar some who arrived next morning only reached the venue at 8.40. As soon as this contingent got to the place I distinctly remember being yelled at for being late! That was fun when I tried to ram into Basanta Dai for that. Well, we had Prakash Dai share the advances we had made in the second quarter and the challenges that lay ahead. Saurav Dai, who incidentally had his 11th transfer, and managed to take a whole team with him this time, told the team that they well still the priority when it came to servers. Many smiled at that. Raju Dai and Shekhar Dai thanked Prakash Dai and the team for their promotion.  Then, Sudeep Dai recounted his Boston Visit in two sentences. He said it was a bittersweet experience, but most importantly, he said he learned to say NO, say it when the pressure of deadlines could become unreasonable. That was the official part of the evening.

Then the partying began in earnest. We ate, then we drank then we (ahem), well we talked. It was midnight before the crowd started retiring to their rooms. I had threatened the team to pull them out of their beds by 7 next morning and some of the team still managed to stay up until after 3 A.M. Bidha called to get us out of bed before six (Grrrr…), well at least we got in a glimpse of the sunrise. Sumit and I made good on my threat and well, had knocked on everybody’s doors by 6.30, armed with the the 3P’s paper. By the time we were having tea, the last contingent of the party arrived. We then had our breakfast, and along with it, the Award Ceremony. The winners gave thank you speeches, most of which were quite well thought out. They must have rehearsed it!. Well, Shreeya didi actually got her award and then jumped and spun. I dont think she rehearshed that. Then Sweta actually guessed her own name as winner for being the Shy Baby of the team. Those were the highlights, and most of them were memorable.

Next came the 3P’s. We banged on everyone’s door early morning to get them write their concerns/opinions regarding the 3Ps.

Then came the games. Well, we started with spinning the hoopla. None of us made it past 3-5 seconds, but the actual maestro then walked in. Anish Dai spun the hoopla and then kept going…. and going. He did not win, he obliterated the competition. Well, he won the grand prize, the RING that won him the game. We played “Rumal Lukai” after that. We started playing and every time somebody lost, they wanted the rules changed! Well we fought over the rules and had fun with the game. Sabita won the game but Samir dai was an oh! so close second. We played Musical chairs next and almost had to change rules in that as well. Well, this was also a lot of fun. Basanta Dai and Sudeep dai tried to walk back in after loosing their chairs, but it was fun re-eliminating them. Prakash Dai, Sangeeta Didi and Rajendra dai made it to the final three and Anish dai made them run for so long. Well, Rajendra Dai won this round also. Rina came up with the 7 up game and was joined in by a lot of people. Well, Pallavi proved there was no fooling her, and astutely won the game. Rina almost did not part with the winners chocolate. We rested some after that and Anish Dai and Raju Dai sang to the team. And then we marched back home, to D2hawkeye Services, Bishalnagar.

Thanks to the managers, we had a great outing, even more so because the whole team was willing to participate, wanting to have fun.                         


02_Ready for photo session



05_dont wake me up hai  zzzzzzz



08_Let us finish out breakfast


Saurav Thakur : The highest goal achiever


Prabin Subedi : Entertainer/Best Dressed (Male)

11_SwetaShrestha_Shy award with laugh

Sweta Shrestha : One who needs to come out of her shell

12_RajendraSubedi_Most likely to get married next award

Rajendra Subedi : Most likely to get married next.


Raju Maharjan : He best knew his team.


Pramesh Vaidya : Most Promising New Comer


Raju Maharjan : Most promising manager


Shreeya Shakya : Coolest Hairstyle


Basanta Joshi : The Luckiest Guy from the team

18_Best dressed award

Pallavi Sharma : Best Dressed (Female)


ShekharOnPersonnel - Workshop

Shekhar briefing on Personnel – Workshop


Sudeep briefing Process (workshop)


Reena briefing Projects ( Workshop)

Can u beat me haha










The Coordinators