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Hiking from Sundarijal to Nagarkot via Jhule

Figure1: Fruits for Breakfast

Figure2: Paddy Field in Gagalphedi

Figure3: Kakro Time

Figure4: Discussing while taking a rest

Figure5: Vishnu taking a rest

Figure6: Green and Blue in V

Figure7: Danda Katheri

Figure8: Hikers in pace

Figure9: Trekkers restaurant in Jhule

Figure10: Bottle of water bought in Jhule

Figure11: Ashish in Lead

Figure12: Approaching Prashanta

Figure13: Rudra and Vishnu

Figure14: Colorful Pandit Taking Sunbath

Figure15: Waiting for the rest of the hikers

Figure16: Rudra Serious at something

Figure17: Office Van at Sundarijal

Figure18: Fertile land at the Sundarijal

Figure19: Towards Gagalphedi

Figure20: Pro Hiker

Figure21: Rudra Leads

Figure22: View of Shankhu from Gagalphedi

Figure23: Climbing the Trail

Figure24: Another view of Shankhu

Figure25: cont…

Figure26: Two young Pine tree

Figure27: Glitters of Diamond

Figure28: Through the Paddy Field

Figure29: Trail through the Paddy Field

Figure30: Vegetation and Cultivation

Figure31: Think of yourself

Figure32: Shankhu Valley

Figure33: The House, Millet and Harvested Corn

Figure34: Regular hikers with his pride