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Hiking from Sundarijal to Gagalphedi

Figure1: Way to Gagalphedi and Sankhu from Sundarijal
Photos by: Milan Lamichhane
Captions by: Vishnu Kshettri

Figure2: New Prayer Flag on top of Bagmati River

Figure3: Bagmati River

Figure4: Boulder from Bagmati

Figure5: Sundarijal fertile land

Figure6: the other part

Figure7: Wild beauty from Shivpuri wild park

Figure8: once again

Figure9: Kumar enjoying…

Figure10: The Natural beauty

Figure11: Hikers on the way to Gagalphedi

Figure12: View of Sankhu

Figure13: Blue and Purple combination from Shivapuri

Figure14: One of the fall in Shivapuri

Figure15: Kakro time for hikers

Figure16: Other joins Kumar and Prashanta

Figure17: Valley of Shankhu

Figure18: Dead and Live

Figure19: Young fern

Figure20: Paddy Terrace

Figure21: PawanP, Kumar and Mahesh from left

Figure22: In the paddy field of Gagalphedi

Figure23: View of the Bagmati from Gagalphedi

Figure24: again time for Kakro

Figure25: Shree enjoying the pears too…

Figure26: Traditional house

Figure27: Mane hill

Figure28: Nagmati

Figure29: Water mill at the bank of Nagmati

Figure30: Dragon Fly (Jyalincha)

Figure31: Surendra Looking for fish

Figure32: The Dancing Nagmati

Figure33: Vishnu having Massage

Figure34: Keshav BABA in the Water

Figure35: The grinder of the water mill

Figure36: Dam at the Sundarijal

Figure37: Another look

Figure38: Shiva Linga

Figure39: Sundarijal Town

Figure40: Way to Mulkharka

Figure41: Bagmati…

Figure42: Lava, Kumar and Shree from (l to r)

Figure43: Bhaskar and Vishnu in front

Figure44: Returing from wrong direction

Figure45: On the right trail

Figure46: waiting for Nilesh

Figure47: Sundarijal bypass road

Figure48: The ascend

Figure49: The Trails

Figure50: Paddy and soybean

Figure51: Terrace at Gagalphedi

Figure52: The Lonely Tree

Figure53: Hikers in march pass

Figure54: Local Fuel supply

Figure55: At the summit of the Gagalphedi

Figure56: The Fall

Figure57: Descend from Mulkharka