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Seven Places For Hiking Around Kathmandu

Hiking In Nepal

There are many beautiful places in Nepal that you haven’t visited yet. Hiking simply means walking for hours and hours, enjoying each trail and it is a journey that adds joy in your boring life. Being limited inside your home or at your office room will make your life dull. You may be leading a busy life and couldn’t get holidays for traveling. But then, there are few places that will make your journey memorable. You shouldn’t allocate more time for the sake of hiking.

If you are from Kathmandu, do read it once. This time we are focusing on hiking around Kathmandu.

Nagarkot Hiking

Start / End: Sankhu / Nagarkot
Max. Elevation: 2,175m.
Hike Duration: Approx. 6 hrs

Trip Highlights:

  • Traditional Newari village of Sankhu
  • Marvelous view of sunrise and sunset on the Himalayas
  • Beautiful mountain view
  • Changunarayan temple

Nagarkot is situated about 25 miles east of Kathmandu, Nepal. Renowned for its sunrise and sunset views of Himalayas, Nagarkot is taken as one of the wonderful spots for hiking as well as traveling. Nagarkot Tower can be the main attraction for the hikers and travelers. If you want to hike on a beautiful trail with natural beauty, Nagarkot can be your first choice.

Phulchowki Hiking

Start / End: Kathmandu / Godawari
Max. Elevation: 2,750m.
Hike Duration: Approx. 3 hrs

Trip Highlights:

  • Botanical Garden
  • Variety of birds and historical places
  • Beautiful mountain view from summit of Phulchowki
  • Changunarayan temple

Phulchowki is the highest peak in the south of Kathmandu valley that is situated at an elevation of 2782m. Here you can experience the beauty of vegetation, botanical garden, and experience an exciting hike. Hiking in the winter season can be fun, as you can also experience snowfall.

Namo Buddha Hiking

Start / End: Kathmandu / Namo Buddha
Max. Elevation: 1800m
Hike Duration: Approx. 5 hours

Trip Highlights:

  • Holy Stupas and shrines
  • Beautiful town Panauti
  • Suspension bridge
  • Riverbanks and dense forest

38 km east of Kathmandu, there lies Namo Buddha, a very beautiful Buddhist monastery at the height of 1800 m. Hiking to Namobudha is easy and entertaining at the same time. You can view beautiful villages, riverbanks and dense forest on the way. Not only the monastery, you will also find many temples during this hike. The Everest and Langtang Himalayan range can also be seen from Namobuddha.

Sundarijal Hiking

Start / End: Budhanilkantha / Sundarijal
Max. Elevation: 1500m
Hike Duration: Approx. 7 hours

Trip Highlights:

  • Waterfall
  • Canyoning

If you love hiking or traveling, but cannot go out of the valley for longer treks, Sundarijal can your best option. Sundarijal is 15 kilometers northeast of the Kathmandu valley. It is taken as a gateway for many hikers going towards Chisapani. While hiking, you can see mind-blowing views of the waterfall, hilly ridges, and water reservoir sites. Sundarijal is a complete package of scenarios, hiking and Canyoning for hikers or travelers.

Shivapuri Hiking

Start / End: Kathmandu / Shivapuri
Max. Elevation: 2563m
Hike Duration: Approx. 5 hours

Trip Highlights:

  • Budhanilkantha Temple
  • Shivapuri conservation area
  • Nagi Gumpa

Shivapuri, the second highest hill around Kathmandu with its peak reaching to 2563 m is an amazing place for a hike. We walk from Budhanilkantha through the Shivapuri conservation area. It is famous for its breathtaking scenery as it offers the admirable views of the Himalayas and wild jungle on the way. You can also explore Nagi Gumba during Shivapuri hike.

Kakani Hiking

Start / End: Kathmandu / Kakani
Max. Elevation: 1990m
Hike Duration: Approx. 5 hours

Trip Highlights:

  • Beautiful views of mountains
  • Hill covered with colorful rhododendron

Kakani lies 26 kilometers northeast to Kathmandu valley. It is a very beautiful place that offers outstanding views of mountains along with hills and valleys. Mountains like Langtang range, Shisha Pangma range, Annapurna range, Gaurishanker Himal and Manaslu can be viewed as you stand on the view tower in Kakani. This scene can be the best thing you have ever seen.

Amitabha Monastery Hiking

Start / End: Swayambhu / Amitabha Monastery
Max. Elevation: 1500m
Hike Duration: Approx. 5 hours

Trip Highlights:

  • Swayambhu
  • Stupas
  • Beautiful scenarios of Kathmandu Valley

Amitabha Monastery, situated in Southern part of the Kathmandu valley is also known as Seto Gumba. White Gumba hiking is very refreshing and entertaining. This place is surrounded by green villages. People can view many avatars of Buddha inside the stupa. We promise that it will be one of your amazing hikes.