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Prabin Shakya


Services Q2 team building at a glance

This time around we thought of a different team building activity, something different from regular gathering, music and party. It sure turned out to be a nice and engaging team building for everyone in services department. The idea was fairly simple; GO-KARTING. Even though this sport is just starting to get popular and most of us were doing it for the first time, the thrill and excitement of a race could not be lesser. We had twelve groups each with four competitors competing to reach the semifinals, then three semifinal races each yielding to 3 finalists to race it out.

The activities began with practice sessions for everyone to get a feel and may be plan out their strategies. Not to mention that apart from the race to semi-finalists, a different league of betting was going on for the winner of the race.

There was flow of good food throughout the event which concluded with a nice dinner towards the end.

I would have written a long post with every details of the event, but then thought not to, as the snaps below will be much fun for all.

Finalists: Anup Basnet, Ritesh Khanal and Prabin Shakya.

Winner: Prabin Shakya

Winner from Ladies: Barsha Poudel

Date: June 28,2009