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Mr Sensible


Screams of Silence

O my dear, what is wrong with me?
For, you are not speaking to me.
Please and please speak something to me,
Don’t you know silence is a hatred to me.

Charge me, scold me, slap me and do anything,
But your silence is always stinging.
Please speak something and anything,
As our love is not a plaything.

The echo of silence is beating my heart hard,
Do you think I am having marks on my card.
The other side of the grass is not so green, I heard,
For this cause I may lose you, which I had never feared.

I can make my way through broken glass,
But what is the sense of your silence I ask.
I can stay on fire from dawn to dusk,
But why are you screaming silence, I again ask.

I fear you are thinking the other way,
Mind you, dear, dreams and reality are far away.
But you are sure to face it one day,
But being silent you will never get a way.

(Dedicated to the one, with sweet rememberances, who talked through her eyes but spoke only silence)