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Scientists develop fastest computer – If a company is worth a $100 million

If a company is worth a $100 million, it can put stake of its worth for 100 years and buy this fastest computer. The company needs to pay only $1 million each year.

The company can get revenues from all over the world:

1. By processing all Banking Sector claims

2. By analyzing whole Healthcare data

3. By distributing most administrative statistics

4. By processing all new animations and films

5. By processing all Academic sector data

6. …. Many More simulations, genetic models, super computing, and super processing tasks

Time is Money and saving time is what people are trying for. So, having fastest resources and fastest programs is a surer way to get faster revenues and profits. It will in turn help in development of a nation and world as a whole.

If one is a Harvard Business School HBS graduate, the idea can sell. It applies to any other graduates from MIT , or other top graduate schools.

Scientists develop fastest computer – Yahoo! News