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Sachin’s US Visit

The year 2014 could not have started off any better for me than with a visit to the US from Deerwalk. This was my first visit to the US and I was excited about it. Since Sanjeev was already here in Nepal at the time, I knew Ashay was coming to pick me up at the airport. But to my surprise Smriti, Prashant and Rupendra were there too. Trust me, I could not have chosen any better weather to go to Boston. It was winter and as soon as I stepped out from the airport, I got my first taste of Winter in Boston. It was freezing cold and there was a snow storm just a couple of days before I landed.

I arrived on a weekend, and I had a day to roam around Boston before going to the office. And since I had planned out all the upcoming weekends for next 30 days in the US, I wanted to see whatever I could of Boston. So Ashay and I went out to visit downtown Boston, the Boston Common, the Freedom Trail, Harvard, Quincy and a few other places.

The first day at the office was equally interesting and completely new to me. It sort of reminded me of the early days of Deerwalk Nepal when we had as many staff as there are in US office right now. The daily stand-ups (or should I say sit-downs) were little longer than I was used to. I got the chance to know how the US operation works. It was great opportunity to learn and experience what the US team does to grow Deerwalk as a team. The client calls, follow-ups, revenue meetings, missed deadlines, new projects and clients and many other tasks factor up to make sure that all the projects are running smooth.

Minal, Smriti, Sanjeev, Abanish, Anadi, Trilok, Muna, Rudra and Ashay all made sure that I had pleasant stay and a fun one too. Muna was always ready to grill me and shared funny experiences which readily cracked me up all the time. Lunch, dinner and movies with all of them were memorable.

My weekends were equally interesting and fun. My first weekend was a visit to Florida along with Ashay to see the Gasparilla Festival at Jeff and Pam’s invitation. Getting dressed up as Pirates and witnessing large number of boats and ships sailing through to take over the city was a memory I will cherish. Too bad I missed the parade. Jeff, Pam, Brooks, Briana and other guests were so welcoming and made sure that we had nice stay.

The week after that was Super Bowl week and I was in New York and met my friend after a long time. New York was full of crazy people and the fans that turned up to support Broncos and Seahawks made it even crazier. I returned to Boston to watch the Super Bowl with the friends and families of Deerwalk. Sanjeev had a hard time digesting the score line and the rest made sure that the Seahawks were being cheered throughout.

The third week was a visit to San Francisco. I was meeting my younger brother after 5 long years and was in haste to reach there. The reunion of brothers was fun and filled with lots of recollections of childhood. I didn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Google Campus. The campus was huge and there could not be any better way to see the sights other than cycling. I rode Google Bicycles that lay around there. To this date I don’t know whether we are allowed to ride those bicycles or not.

I would like to thank Deerwalk for giving me an opportunity to visit the US and to gain a better perspective on our business. The visit for me was a combination of both work and fun and I made sure that I got the most out of it.

Android-miniature-at-Google Deerwalk-Pirates-at-Gasparailla-Festival
Android miniature at Google Deerwalk Pirates at Gasparilla