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Hiking from Ranipauwa to Nuwakot Durbar

Participants : Nilesh, SudeepA, Abishesh, Nipun, Charu, Kapil (rookie), Dikesh, Niraj, Ankit, Siris, Basu, NishchalS Luna and Vishnu
Route : Ranipauwa to SheraDurbar to Indrachowk
Time : 7 hours
Distance : 33 km (Appx)
Date : Sunday, Jan 14, 2007
Report : Luna and Kapil (Rookie)
Photos : NishchalS and Abishesh
Captions : BinayN, VishnuK
Creative Support: BinayaN

Poor Mt. Ganesh


“Ranipawua to Sheradurbar to Indrachowk”.

-Yet another route in my list as a second hiking mission from D2.

After my first hiking, I was looking forward to such another venture. This time, I was keen to hike for a noble reason and awesome adventures that I can’t help myself stop mentioning.

I had never imagined I would enjoy the hike even without my close acquaintances though most of the time I remained “Numb” in fact “Comfortably Numb”. I must say, it was a quite a weird way to hike, leaping all the way from one terrace to another without taking the usual trail (i.e. vehicle-plying-dusty-road) and blissfully no one got their legs cramped. The journey up to Sheradurbar was enlivening, crossing the river hopping over the rocks trying to make a perfect and balanced landing and walking across the chilled n shallow Tadi River bare footed was a relief for the fatigued legs towards uphill struggle.

Then, there was a desire to see the jubilant faces of schoolchildren when they would receive the stationery materials and when that happened I thought that was an achievement. I am charmed with this work of our company.


On 14th of January, a Hiking was expected en-route to Indrachowk. There were 14 of us who went on this hike. We all gathered at the office by 7 am, and then we left at round 7:30 am.

From our office to a place called Ranipawua, we went by office van and reached there around 8:30am. From there we commenced the Hiking.

Over all the hiking can be divided into three phases. First, we climbed down for about 4 hours then we walked along the plain for 1 hour then climbed up for 1 hour and 45 minutes or nearly 2 hours.

Therefore, it was almost 7 hour of walking when we reached the Nuwakot palace. On the way, we visited Shera palace, believed that it would be beautiful when it was in one piece and now she has been destroyed and ostensible the ruined condition.
We reached palace at about 4:30pm. We all were dead tired. The palace is on the top of the hill and is very historic.

That was my first hiking from this office and I enjoyed a lot. It was well organized and managed too. I went to such kind of hiking after a long time so I enjoyed a lot. I think office is doing a great job by organizing hiking every Sunday. It is a dose of refreshment as well as we can have a great deal of knowledge about the various places and people and their life style. It is also good for their health who takes a part in hikes.

Even I was dead tired that day, but after reaching the palace, I forgot all my tiredness. From the Palace, we hired a bus and came to Ranipaua as it was impossible to walk back the same route.

All those people who went on hiking were very adventurous and friendly. Hiking made me thrilled and curious and I will definitely join the hiking team every Sunday.

Colorful sunrise @ Panchmane

A Double Decker will do

View from Kakani

Jumping time

Marching down


Traditional house in the tranquil area

Pencil or Copy? Here you will get both

Mt. Dhaulagiri from Chaturali

Teacher receiving the Pencil Sharpener

See the Hawkeye

Do you see the Hawkeye?

Name the flower. It is of root vegetable

Grazing Cattle

Hikers Crossing Tadi River

Tadi herself

and here Pro. Crossing Tadi River

400 years old Shera

Disrespect leads to the destruction

another Proof

This is history now

Part of the Shera Palace History

This used to be a beautiful garden

Nilesh in lead


Glimps of Naya Nepal Development

The poor Shera Palace from distance

Way to Nuwakot


This lead you to the Bhairab Temple @ Nuwakot

Traditional Door Lock

@ Indrachowk

Peach flower

Sanepa sain and bajra babu

Mt. Ganesh

towards Chaturali

Serene Beauty

In the Morning Sun

Magical Local boy

Reading Map

The Gang

Argentine in Hike

Baby and Kodo

This is for you Rudra

Niraj Shah in Lead


Looking at the Trail

Abishesh and Nipun

Happy Abishesh

D2 Contribution

in Queue

Local Students receiving notebook and pencils

and Niraj joins to distribute

Niraj in action

Pleasant movement

Happy time for all

once again

Local Political Leader

Dikesh Charu and Luna

The three heroes.

Fruit Garden

I got it

Bhale Dhada

Fancy house in village

Towards Sindhure khola

More towards Sindhure Khola

She is leading

Student from other school


This is Luna

again in Queue

Charu joins here

The Master

In appreciation

posing for a shot

Shila Devi Primary School

Flour Mill

Vishnu alone

Bhasu at the end

through field

Nilesh in action

Kapil in action from back

Vishnu directs the trail

Crossing Sindhure Khola

Luna supporting Charu

Mr. Niks with this precious shooting thing

Waiting for others

Sudeep Adiga

Towards Shera Palace

Fisherman in action

watching the fishing

Bire Tare Male

At the bank of the Tadi River

Here we cross the Tadi River

Nilesh and his shoes

Poor Ladies

Dikesh and Niraj

wider view of Tadi river

Shera Palace

Luna and her nose

The shooter

Palace with no roof

Munching time

Prospective of Shera Palace

Leaving Shera behind

Some time you don’t need bed to have a good sleep

Charu and Kapil(Rookie)

I am on Top

here Charu Joins

From the top

Poor Ankit

Basu helping him

at last

Trying hard

Dikesh and Siris

Siris in lead

Expanded Tadi

Through Sal Forest

View of Trisuli River

Nuwakot palace at distance

Ancient Art…

Dikesh with his camera

Basu Ankit Niraj and Abishesh at Indrachowk

Dinner Fire

@ Fire place

and Rainbow Trout

Relax time




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