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Pulu Kisi

Pulu Kisi

547. Pulu Kisi
Photo By: Sumit Shakya
Posted Date: 2nd July, 2013

Photo Description:
The photo was taken in Basantapur in the occasion of Indra jatra which depicts the white elephant of Kathmandu, also referred to as ‘Pulu Kishi’. Pulu Kisi is believed to be an incarnation of Indra himself. Pulu Kisi goes through the streets of the ancient city Kathmandu in search of his imprisoned master. People view the masked creature with awe, excitement and laughter. From time to time it does mischievous things like running through the street and knocking people in its path. Like other dancers it has a musical team with a torch carrier in front. The effect was achieved with lens zooming out in a slow shutter speed.

Camera Specifications:
Camera Model: Nikon D200
Exposure Time: 1/5 sec
F-Stop: F/6.3
ISO Speed: 500
Focal Length: 40mm
Flash : Flash mode