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Professional Communication Club (PCC) 2013

Professional Communication Club (PCC) was formed in the month of September, 2012, with the aim of enhancing written and verbal communication skills of Deerwalk employees.

Initially, PCC provided weekly guidelines on improving the general level of English usage in the company. Later, Deertalk was started as a platform to enhance public communication skills. In each batch of Deertalk, participants were involved in five different sessions: Training, Topic based Speech, Debate, Extempore and Presentation. PCC members and other judges provided tips on body language, grammar, vocabulary, content, and context to the participants.

In the year 2013, PCC conducted six Deertalk sessions and a total of sixty-one employees participated in the year. Sushant Pokharel was declared the best speaker of the year and Sabita Khadka the runner-up.

Taking from the feedback of the participants so far, it is clear that Deertalk has been very beneficial in helping them realize and overcome their weaknesses. All in all, PCC has been successful in building a more assertive employee base that has helped set a confident image for the company as a whole.

Professional Communication Club (PCC) comprised of the following members in the year 2013:

Ekta Shrestha Ekta Shreshta
Rinesh N Bajracharya Rinesh N Bajracharya
Executive Member
Edward W Hausman Edward W Hausman
Executive Member
Pramod Kumar Rai Pramod Kumar Rai
Executive Member
Bipul Shrestha Bipul Shrestha
Former Vice President
Monika Agrawal Monika Agrawal
Former President
Professional Communication Club PCC
Professional Communication Club (PCC) at the time of inception in September 2013