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Positive Attitude!

Have you ever consciously started your morning with the positive attitude? If you never have, you may want to give it a try tomorrow with the “Smiley good morning” to your co-worker. And, consciously monitor how you perform whole day. Believe me, it does the magic. As we know, we spent more than nine hours everyday at work and if it becomes unpleasant it would be mighty unproductive for you and for your employer.

Time has changed and even in Nepal, Businesses has started to hire employees from diverse background (i.e. man, woman, young, old, foreign and domestic, nationally and internationally educated/trained, experienced or beginner).

We need to understand and accept personal or cultural differences. Having positive attitude is very important at work. We need to treat all co-workers with respect, be respectful by paying attention, listening carefully, and responding appropriately.

We need to be courteous and professional regardless of the situation, when you have the conflict with a co-worker, try to put yourself in their shoes, what I mean by that is that look at things from his or her perspective. You will both be more productive if you recognize the need for cooperation to reach common goals.

I feel that personal energy is an important component of personal and business productivity. What we need to do is to avoid negative thought and criticisms and be less judgmental and more accepting of the situation therefore we can create better corporate culture.

So let’s try to have positive attitude and start our day with “Smiley good morning”!