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Portraits of Wildlife

Last Saturday, I was planning to head for ‘Sarangeti National Park’ Africa to shoot some wildlife pictures but thought instantly that animals and birds there in Jawalakhel Zoo would get offended not having this opportunity to have their portrait taken by me. So, instead of heading for Africa, I went to Zoo with a ‘Photographer Assistant’ to shoot some portraits of wildlife. It was so fun and new experience to scrutinize wildlife through viewfinder and get close by zooming telephoto lens. Let me share some of my “million dollar” shots.

Deer in day’s siesta.

Raindeer munching vegetation.

Another kind of deer bewildered to have me taking its pictures.


Hungry rhino bucketing food thrown by visitors.

Elusive tiger and seem so restless.

Hippo stare and that day I came to know that they do have skin 6cm thick.

Arna ‘Wild buffalo’ in deep thought.



Pond and Swan makes a perfect reflection.

It’s not D2Hawk but real hawk.

Jailed peacock.

She Danphe (national bird)

Eagle enjoying the Sun.

Copra peek.

Melancholy Nil Gai, I don’t know why.

Colourful Sunaulo Kalis.

Pigeon with belle-bottom pant.

Waiting but not for fish.