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Planning to buy a bike

Last month a long debate was going among my friends about which bike to buy. Everyone one had his / her opinion. Dada was in view of getting heavy CC bike as he owns 180 CC pulsar, on the contrast hakim was in the view to stick with old bike as there is no one demanding (girls) to get new. One of the stakeholder was happy with his old splendor, old is gold and his honey also enjoy ride on splendor while on the other hand darling was saying “whatever bike we get no one is going to sit on the second seat so why to invest on bikes”. After couple of rounds of discussion this debate ends without any conclusion as the discussion about Constituent Assembly polls.

You must be surprised why I am sharing these things with you, after all why other people get interested what bike I am planning to get or what five people debates among them self. This things come as flash back last night when I was in queue to get petrol for my bike. Just in front of me there were two dudes in brand new bikes. Most noticeable part about these two bikes was number plates were marked as “On/Test”, a symbol of brand new bike. I asked when did they get there bike. They reply back “aja nai ho” (just today) and we are coming straight from show room to petrol queue. The next one added “Kee garne dai mandir jane nee petrol chaina” (no fuel to reach temple). Although this is not new thing for any Nepali but when I actually met someone who had already invested in bike still don’t know where to drive there is no road where to get petrol; it was not a normal condition for me. While in queue I was trying to sketch myself in brand new bike in a petrol queue. What’s the use of investment if we can’t get benefit? This is every day condition. A taxi driver was shouting, to get fuel to drive one hour taxi we need to be in queue for 10 hours how can we survive? Facing these conditions I thing debating about anything new is worthless the biggest challenge is to survive with what we have.

This is story of one day but here in Nepal only one thing is changing that is calendar, condition and circumstances remains same. Every day after 8 to 10 hours office, next round of planning begins where to find petrol and what is the power cut timing. Almost every evening we prefer to take path which covers maximum petrol pumps, taking least care of traffic and distance; in a very thin hope to getting a petrol queue. When a queue is spotted next moments start calling friends and get excited as for some time we don’t have to search for next queue. We are not getting anything free (petrol or electricity) in contrast we have to pay high price compared other developed country. Probably that is why one of leader never tired saying “21st century Mahan Nepali”.

When I reach home the television was on. The first thing that comes on mind was “Thanks god aja ta batti cha” then only focus changes on television story. An interview was going on about building new and great Nepal after CA polls. Changing the channels only speaker changes but everyone was discussing about plans and future but no one seems to focus on present conditions. At the same time the Indian channels were advertising about different brands of petrol and diesel. I was thinking, what is the use of Nepal if there is no one called “Nepali”. How can we trust 15 years plans of leaders who can’t solve day to day problem?
Even we are not allowed to be serious about such things. I had already dropped idea of new bike… and had started thinking about country. While these things are going in my mind someone knocked in my door and asked petrol payo?(got petrol ?) I said chaina (no). He added “barbad cha yar, what to do bholi bata gas nee chaina and without petrol in bike how to search for gas cylinder… ………….