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Perfect Enlightenment (samyak-sambodhi)

Perfect Enlightenment (samyak-sambodhi)

505. Perfect Enlightenment (Samyak-Sambodhi)
Photo By: Sunil Manandhar
Posted Date: 16th March, 2012

Photo Description:
Once every five years, auspiciousness is dissipated into the air as statues of Dipankar Buddhas from across the Kathmandu Valley are taken out of their closets, dusted and readied for granting blessings in the courtyard of Nagbahal, one of the spacious courtyards of Patan (Lalitpur).

Samyak, a kind of festival, this year fell on the 24th of February. ‘Samyak’ implies oneness of all sentient beings and observance of this festival is believed to lead the practitioner to the path of the Bodhisattvas the culminating in perfect enlightenment (samyak-sambodhi).

The essence of this festival is the practice of Giving, or dana-paramita – specifically, to monks (Sakyas and Vajracaryas in the Newar Buddhist tradition) and to Buddhas, especially to Dipankar Buddha, who predicted Sakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment in a previous lifetime. People from all parts of the valley gather at Nagbahal to pay homage to the Buddhas and offer Panch Daan (a ritual where the buddhas are offered five types of materials – cereals, salt, pulses and money).

The procession of gods and people mix freely in the courtyard to the tune of traditional musical instruments such as Dhime, Dhaa, Bujyaa, Bansuri etc. from various Bahals, Toles, Vihars and Mahavihars around the locality.

Camera Specifications:
Camera Model: Nikon D5100
F-stop: F/4.8
Exposure Time: 1/60
ISO Speed: 1600
Focal length: 32mm
Effect: HDR