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People’s Power

Nepal just saw a landslide victory of ex-rebels in the CA polls. It was an unexpected win even for Maoists who had persuaded the then government to defer the polls twice in one year. But , the more important thing in the people’s verdict is that they have overthrown the Nepali Congress and UML literally from root. Almost all “heavy weight” leaders have lost their election, Madhav Nepal, KP Oli, Sushil Koirala have lost moral ground to continue to as prominent leader, those who have taken the election as granted have hopefully got a glimpse of People’s power. Sujata Koirala, Govinda Raj Joshi, Chiranjibi Wagle, Khum bahadur Khadga who have been universally known as corrupt and could even kill hundreds of people without a second thought have been ousted, this is the verdict of People. Now, the set of incompetent leaders have to be wiped out of Nepalese politics and fresh people should take the lead. After all this is the beauty of Democracy.

On the other hand, Every Nepalese eye are on Prachanda and his party, they have to realize that they are in that position because they are only one option out of many. If they betrayed us, like UML and NC has done over the years, they will be buried underground like Koiralas and Gyanendra. Don’t think people are your followers if they can set you on top they can also bury under ground. If you can’t keep up with the aspiration of people, at least do not betray them. Remember, Gyanendra was also applauded after February 1 move because he was one of the alternatives, he betrayed us and his fate is no more than prisoner inside a luxury dungeon. This is people’s power, this is democracy. Hats off Nepalese voters and beware Maoists, you can be in Gyanendra’s shoes sometime in future.