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Pardon my Aethisim

The recent news that came from India where people overcrowded a temple and cause some structure to fail reminded of me something. Doesn’t this feel like we have heard about this one before? If your memory is hazy let me remind you all, does Bheri River’s suspension Bridge collapse in Western Nepal last year ring a bell. Yes, that’s what I am talking about. People believe that flocking stupidly to please the divine will secure a good position for them in their after death life. Let me not even get into what we as a Hindu religion believe in after life speculation (Swarga/Narka and what not).


I believe that people flocking into a temple or holy would have no sense other than calling for such calamities, needless to say creating a spot for terror targets. What happened in India and has been happening repeatedly in mosques or Iraq is one of the many self proclaimed yet subdued stupidities of human kind. What I mean here is that, there is no point in making a large crowd on one particular day of the year. I do visit Pashupati but not during the Shiva Ratri and I do go to "Ganesh Than" but I avoid Tuesdays. God on his or her best knowledge of the world does not know or care for a particular day. This Dashain Let’s leaves it to the crowds who likes to flock around to these holy shrines and let us sit home and enjoy the "Masu Chiuyra". Talking of which remind me of many dashain that I have missed since 1997 and this one will be missed as well. What will I be doing this Dashain, Ooh lets see probably sit here in front of my computer browsing net and thinking about Ghorle Khasi ko Kaan and my family who at this point in time has managed to spread all over the continent.

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