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Panauti Hiking

A small beautiful town of Panauti in Kavre District of Nepal is just 36 km away from Kathmandu. Well, not that far is it? It is situated right between the Roshi and the Puniamati rivers and the famous Indreshwar Mahadev also lies there. The town has preserved its tradition and festivals, and possesses a number of historic temples. The Majority of the people belong to Newari culture and follow similar tradition to that of Kathmandu, but own numerous distinctive events.

The place is famous for woodcarving, so definitely you will be carrying one of that on your way back. The Panauti has a lot to explore and a lot to wonder at.

Panauti Pictures:

Panauti Facts:

Coordinates 27°35′N 85°31′E
District Kabhrepalanchok
Zone Bagmati
Access 36 km South-East from Kathmandu

Panauti Map:

Panauti Hiking

Hike TitleDestination Date
Hike to Panauti 10/08/2019
One Day Panauti Hike 15/04/2018
Squad D Hike From Panauti to Namo Buddha 27/01/2018
Hiking from Banepa to Panauti 22/09/2013
Hiking from Sanga to Panauti 15/01/2012
Hiking from Godavari to Panauti via Lakuri Bhanjyang 20/02/2011
Hiking from Lubu to Lakuri Bhanjyang via Panauti 01/03/2009