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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



The front page bit news of The Himalayan Times (THT) the English Daily dated 29th November 2007 was brilliant which reads: Koirala is no good, make me prime minister, says MK Nepal. He further says as PM he will change face of the nation. And there on inverted commas more news: it reads: “Make me PM and I will give you lasting peace” 

We have so capable and charismatic politicians who can give us a peace, but there is a condition: make him prime minister of Nepal. Otherwise? Readers please see the bargaining, threatening and political ability of a person. He says do this! Otherwise. Do that otherwise… I will do something else. How long this type of political game will last? For couple of days?  Looks like he must have kept PEACE somewhere, somehow hidden and our gentleman can produce it as and when it is required.

I remember earlier while going to Nepalgunj we had to travel via Gorakhpur, Lucknow and Rupaidiha (an Indian Border town) to arrive to Nepalese destination – Nepalgunj. On the train we would buy some Hindi magazines to pass our time, and there I remember seeing one particular advertisement of a ring, which said “JO MANGOGE WAHI MILEGA” (Whatever you wish, you will get it). Such was this Indian ring; so powerful. Now I see some kind of similarities in the above news item of THT of 29th November 2007. A top class leader of Nepal said: “Make me PM and I will give you lasting peace.”  Look he can give a guarantee, NOT only PEACE, but he is capable of giving you a LASTING PEACE. Mind you lasting PEACE. Which lasts forever. You are thru, done with it. Your effort is not needed he is giving you. Take it or leave it – your choice. The news clearly says: somebody is giving you the peace.

In this world there are certain things, which cannot be given. There are many things that can be given. Very simple but a plain truth is: one cannot provide (give) peace and another fact is one is unable to give you meditation. You can give someone your wealth, your belongings, even your state etc. etc. what not, but NOT Peace. Peace cannot be transferred, because it is not a tangible item. Peace is not under somebody’s command, custody and control. Peace is within and comes within you. It sprouts spontaneously once you are peaceful. Once you are in a stage of a static state. Once you reach a stage of a stop, peace comes. One cannot borrow, beg or snatch peace. Peace is very powerful, it does not cost to be peaceful and to be in peace. You do not need somebody’s help to obtain peace. Here our leaders talk about a lasting peace? My goodness, such a great person has emerged in our country that can give something, which Lord Buddha was unable to provide to his closest disciple Anand who wanted peace. Buddha told his disciple this and only this I cannot give you, I have got it, I have received it, but I cannot give. It should come within you; by your individual effort. I am helpless in this matter. This is the case of Peace and the state of peacefulness. Peace does not happen in magic or let us say peace cannot be provided like “JO MANGOGE WAHI MILEGA” advertisement.